Sunday, April 30, 2006

little mimic

okay, when i turned to see this, i about fell over laughing!! we have a little mommy in the making....or a human dairy cow. this whole pumping thing has fascinated her, but i didn't think she would actually try it.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

"houston, we have a problem.....we've got a live wire on our hands!" this cute little thing is the wiggliest baby ever....or just advanced. when i put her to bed at night, i have to lay her at one end of her crib so she has room to work her way to the other end (in just a short amount of time.) when i go in her room in the morning, there's no telling were she'll be. yesterday morning i went in to find her on her back. yes, i know that is were she is supposed to be, but really she wasn't (i'm sorry, but she is a tummy sleeper.) when i layed her down at night she was on her tummy, but not in the morning....she had rolled over! is that even supposed to be possible...she's only 6 wks old!!! she is amazing!

Sunday, April 23, 2006


just and fyi to everyone who have a little one running around everywhere, never leave your good camera on the coffee table. i don't know if you can see this in the picture but if you look closely the lens is completely crooked....destroyed. i called to see if it could be fixed....yeah, but not worth the cost. better off to get a new one...just great! luckily we have great friends who have an extra lens that they are letting me borrow (until we can get a new one.) Thanks Kim and Jason! i think i have learned my lesson...we'll see ;)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

speaking of big sis

miss kylee, my what a beautiful girl....those eyes, wow! big sister is doing good, taking it all in. we have our moments, but i think we are all having our moments right now. we are all adjusting in different ways. so kylee, please bare with mommy, i love you so much, i am so sorry for the times when my hands are tied and i have run out of patience. i know that this is a huge change in your little world, but know that this change is great...for all of us. i pray that God will give you strength, patience and understanding. your little sister already loves you so much (she doesn't even know it yet)...the way she looks up at you when you hold her, she just stops and stares...beautiful! you are such a great big sister and the best helper a mommy could ask for. thank you. we love you sis!

Another favorite picture

i am in love with this picture. classic scenario of being a new mom again. especially with the enourmous boob sticking out to one side...lovely! really, i do love this picture, those precious moments don't last long (and that you soon forget) thank you alan for capturing it for me. as most of you know we added a new member to our Rimbo family last month....miss alaina jean rimbo. isn't she beautiful? she is doing great. not as fussy as she was the first few weeks....previcid is great stuff....when you can get it to stay down. she is already sleeping 6-7 hours at night. AWESOME for mommy! definately an over achiever.....she is even smiling already at one month (they're not supposed to start doing that until they are at least two months), and NO, it is not gas:). she is however losing her dark hair, it is really starting the get thin. going to be a baldy like her big sis.

Something new

This blog thing is very new to me, so all who are viewing bare with me. This site is for you family and friends, a place to come and check out all that is going on the the Rimbo household. I am so excited to have a place to post my pictures and thoughts about things that are going on in our life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I know I am going to. (FYI....feel free to add comments, just click on comments at the end of a post and you'll be able to add anything you, huh?) Well, here we go.......