Monday, September 25, 2006


i love this little cowgirl and doughnut fanatic (she had three doughnuts in a matter of minutes at the Louisburg Cider Mill.....mmmmm good lunch!)

i can't believe that this little girl is already six months old. fifteen pounds of pure sweetness. and it has only taken us these six months to figure out what is possibly causing her spitting up. she may have a milk allergy. poor thing! yeah for me, that means i have to stop drinking and eating dairy and start drinking soy! can i just say yuck, yuck, yuck! alaina, i love you so dearly, but i don't know how long i will be able to drink that nasty stuff. at least it's not going to waste....kylee loves the vanilla soy that i bought. alaina is on the verge of crawling before sitting and she is getting her first tooth......i just love when they get those first two teeth on the bottom, except for when you are a nursing mommy, and they decide to take a bite! she is growing so fast.

sweet alaina, you make me so happy! i never could have imagined loving another little person so much. you have added a new dimension of love to my life.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the boss

kylee's phrase of the day........

kylee and i were having breakfast yesterday morning when i randomly asked her if she wanted to be a "mommy" one day. her response....."yeah, i wanna be the boss!" you can't get more honest than that. i'll be sure and inform her future husband of that fact. (you kinda had to be here to really hear her matter of fact was pretty funny.)

(i got kylee to say, "i wanna be the boss," again, while playing little mommy....listen carefully.)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

picnic in the park

okay, so i thought i would take the girls for a picnic in the park before kylee went to school the other day, i never knew it would be so fun (well, funny!) it was a beautiful day, cool breeze, warm sunshine, two fussy kids, what better way to cheer them up than a picnic lunch in the park. we get there and lay out the blanket, kylee unpacks the lunch and alaina lays there soaking in the scenery and i just relish in the beauty of my family. as soon as everything is unpacked and we start eating kylee pipes up, "mommy, i have to pee."

me: "are you serious? you just went before we left the house."
kylee: her legs bouncing nervously..."yeah, i have to pee."
me: "really? can you hold it?" i am looking in every direction hoping that a bathroom will
magically luck. then look at my watch and realize that school doesn't start for
another hour and we were planning on staying at the park until then. i don't want to
repack everything back up and drive to a gas station and then unload again.
kylee: "i can hold it, i don't have to pee.....(long pause)....i have to pee."
me: i am now frantically looking around checking out our surroundings....big trees,
one in site (you know where i am going.) "kylee, do you think you could pee on the
kylee: excitedly asks "like a rabbit?" (not like a dog, or cat, but a rabbit....what?)
me: laughing "yeah, like a rabbit."
kylee: "yeah i can."
me: while turning around to get a baby wipe, "we have to go over there by the bush and do
it really, really fast."
kylee: standing there with her pants already down around her ankles.
me: "not yet, pull up your pants."
so we run over to the bush....aliana is just lying there on the blanket oblivious that she is by herself on the blanket (we were only a few feet away.) i pull down kylee's pants, hold her hands and tell her to squat. she does a great job. we go back to the blanket wipe our hands and start to have lunch. kylee is so proud of herself, she sits there with a big smile on her face.
kylee: "i peed in a bush!"
me: "yeah, lets not tell anyone okay? we're not really supposed to be doing that."
kylee: "why?"
me: "because we could get into trouble, you aren't supposed to pee in the park."
kylee: "oh!"

so what does kylee do, the first person she tells is her school teacher when she was putting her in the car. great! what was i supposed to do. i can't be the only mother who has made there kid pee in a bush. (it sure would have been easier if she was a boy!) some may think this was terrible, but i think it was just too funny not to share. the "like a rabbit" part just kills me.

what better way to spend quality time with your kids....teaching them how to pee in bushes, followed by lunch and a fun game of hide and seek. we really did have a great time, and i really had a great laugh.