Friday, December 10, 2010

SIX months....(tear!)

i just love six month old babies...they are just so cute and so much fun...but why is it that my baby is already six months old today? can this be? the first year just seems to flash by in the wink of an eye and it makes me a little sad. i just love this girl to pieces and don't want her to grow up so fast, just like her big sisters. i do have to say that the really fun times are just about to begin. this is the time that goes even faster because they are doing so much.
she is already rolling over (one side preferred of course), and yesterday she sat up by herself...for a few minutes...and in our bed (which gave her a little more butt support i think). she still doesn't laugh a whole lot, but smiles all the time especially when her daddy walks in the room. however, alan did get her to laugh really good last night (when i was at work of course....but thank you so much for calling me to let me hear it). she gets so excited when she sees certain things she the tv. the kid won't eat if there is a tv on in the room! one thing she has been doing for the past few weeks is when i pick her up from her crib after a nap...she is all smiles, then buries her face in my neck and shoulder...i kiss on her neck, then she lifts her head back up. then i ask her "where are my snuggles?" she buries her face back into my neck...and the whole process repeats itself two or three times. i love that the 'cause and effect' thing is starting to happen. it makes everything a little funnier...and sweeter too! oh, and who ever said that the more kids you have the less and less pictures you have of them....not in this house!!!! the baby book may be neglected almost entirely, but not photos of my girls for heavens sake.

so my dearest mya patricia, you are half a year old today. i can't believe it...but what i can believe is how wonderful you are! you stole my heart the before i even new you. you are so precious and so sweet. your daddy and i are the luckiest parents to have three amazing little girls. when i look at the three of you...or even think about you, i just smile. i am looking forward to the next six months and forever with you. love you my sweet 'my pie.' -mommy