Saturday, February 28, 2009

sweet six...and slumber party

six years...are you kidding me?  our firstborn....sweet, sensitive, outgoing, courageous, stubborn, strong willed, cute, silly, polite and beautiful....have i mentioned that i love this girl?  the last year we have really had our ups and downs, but who doesn't when you are trying to find out who you are as a young little far to push the boundaries (especially with "mom"). i just can't believe that six years have gone by...and you are already wanting to be ten...want to marry your little friend in class and want to wear a bra (seriously, just yesterday at target we were in the little girls section and she saw the little training bras, "mom, i really want to wear a bra," what?.....slow down!!!  please!!!  don't grow up too fast.  in some ways you are so much like me, it's a little scary.  you are growing into a beautiful little lady and i love you with all my heart...though i don't tell you nearly enough.  i hope you have a wonderful birthday!  
speaking of birthday...don't ask me why, but this was the year we decided to try the sleep over thing.  in fact it is going on right now as i write this....well, winding down anyway.  they are all tucked in and jabbering away upstairs.  i think i have been up there four times now;-)  we'll see how long this takes.  i think they have had a good time.  i'll wait for the parent reports next week at school!  well, i better go...i think i need to make one more trip back upstairs.  happy birthday kyleebug!

per kylee's request....jayhawk style!
on our way to red robin for a little dinner and milkshakes!

on a side note...a funny story that i had to post before i forget.  alaina was really excited about something last night and when she was trying to tell alan, she just couldn't get the words alan kept telling her to "spit it out."  so what does she do?  she goes into the bathroom and spits in the trash can....trying to "spit it out."  gosh, that makes me laugh just writing about it.  it was seriously one of the funniest things she has ever done.  i thought i took things so literal!  what a goof!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

how cute is this?  our little "bag lady" as we call her at home.  she has always liked to put things into other places....but now, oh my goodness.  if this girl sees a bag within 1o ft she is after it...and filling it with everything she can find.  she will carry it around the house for hours taking it to different places of the house and sitting for a while to unload the contents...then reload and carry it back around.  it is so funny, but sometimes a real annoyance...see, i have a hard time unloading groceries quick enough.  i'll be looking for something i remembered i need to put away when i have to call for alaina because she has already confiscated my bag without me unloading it.  when i finally retrieve it, some of my stuff may still be in there, but it is completely filled with all her nick nacks.  i just think it's hilarious.  oh yeah, her new thing is to "iron my hair," this means pretend to give mommy a hair cut...which i absolutely love (seeing as how i could never get kylee to do it longer than two minutes....alaina will stand there and do it forever).  the funny thing is is that she has a different name when she is in this is "trish." love it...too funny.
....this makes four and two more to go.

 i am trying to get in party planning mode seeing as how kylee's little sleepover is next completely snuck up on me.  so today kylee didn't have school (but lainey did), so we went in search of party favors and a few other errands.  we had a nice time together, just her and i.  she said her day was great because she was able to spend her allowance (and tooth fairy money) to buy something, and having lunch with me:)  i must say that watching her spend ten dollars that she has saved up for months go towards the silliest thing (in my opinion), a stuffed, rubbery dog.  seriously?  i do have to say that she has not let that thing out of her site all day!  she is getting so big...i can't believe that she is going to be six next!  she really is an amazing kid...strong willed and amazingly stubborn, but great all the same.  i love you dearly.