Monday, May 28, 2007

powder sugar

i was tired of seeing my big ole' mustache. i thought that these pictures of the powder sugar look were much sweeter....not that mine was sweet. once in a while on my way home from work i will stop by the store and pick up doughnuts for the girls. this time i thought the powdered ones would be tasty. the girls obviously thought so. they were the perfect size for alaina. she was double fisting them at one point. yum, yum, yum! that's all for now.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


can you believe that this is what i asked for for my birthday? well, not this exactly, but he treatment, yes! on monday i had IPL (some kind of light treatment) done. after two babies and an excessive amount of hormones i developed the lovely "pregnancy mask." you know, the dark pigmentation above the lip and under the eyes. well, the darkness around the eyes i can live with because they are easier to conceal, but the lip.....ummmm not so much! i can honestly say that i am amazed at myself for even posting this picture. it is incredibly embarrassing, but hilarious at the same time. and if you can believe it, it has actually improved since monday. i look like an absolute FREAK!!!!! i have had to run a few errons and people just stare at me. i feel like i need to wear a sign that says "yes, i look a little freakish...i had light treatment will go away. please stop staring." fortunately i don't need to wear a sign. i have a four year old who just tells everyone. we were at the pet store yesterday, standing in line she says (loudly), "mommy, everyone is looking at your lip." "yes i know this sweety. thank you."

Saturday, May 19, 2007

days of old...and new

the warm air, but cool gathered around on the deck. it reminded me of a time long ago...well, it seems long ago. never before has it felt weird walking in my grandparents backyard. maybe weird isn't the right word, but today it was so different. walking up the big hill with my cousin...and our kids. so many memories together in that backyard. but today we were able to watch our own kids run around, making memories of their own. it felt so good being together with everyone (almost everyone.) it doesn't happen very often, but when it does it is great. life changes and we all go with it, but coming back to where you came from always makes me feel so good. it is refreshing! so brit, thanks for graduating high school today. we're all proud of you and so thankful to have a reason to get together.

just sittin', rockin'

way too photogenic!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

didn't you know that this is how you are supposed to eat a popsicle? alaina demonstrated today how to correctly eat a popsicle....upside down! evidently the stick tastes better. who knew??

what a great mother's day. a picnic lunch in the backyard with the fam', a little time to read, then playtime in the pool....and a tasty treat. it was just fun watching the girls play together outside. kylee really enjoyed splashing around in the pool, while alaina amusingly watched. smart on her part....the water was flippin' cold. aside from the pool, riding in the car up and down the hill was most entertaining. i can't tell you how many times kylee pushed alaina up and down that darn hill. they had a blast. and i had a blast watching. thank you girls for making this day so special. really, this day should be more about you. you girls are the reason i am a mother.

i know that there are many days when you don't think that i am so great...when i'm impatient, easily frustrated or just plain grouchy. but know this....i love you girls so incredibly much. i really believe that you were one of the reason's i was created (though i don't always feel worthy or adequate to do the job properly.) i am grateful for the opportunity to love you every day, to show you, to teach you, but even learn from you. i love you so much. thank you for making this day and everyday so special.

and for my mom, my step mom and mother-in-law, this day is for honor you and to tell you how much i love you. thank you for all the years of your love. some not as long as others, but time doesn't matter. you are all so special to me. i love you very much. happy mother's day!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

gettin' back into the swing of things

what can i say about this little character above? she is so darn funny! so many facial expressions....all because of a silly lawn mower. today we spent all morning into early afternoon doing much needed yard work. alaina and kylee kept following alan around while he was mowing the lawn. seriously, how much fun could that really be? they obviously thought so.

anyway, we are back and missing hawaii more and more everyday....especially coming back to rain, rain and more rain:) oh well, vacations do have to come to an end sooner or later. i honestly think that was one of the quickest weeks of my life. but a wonderful one! though i wanted to stay longer, i was anxious to see alaina....who, might i add was not so anxious to see me. when we arrived at the airport it was like she looked me up and down and was saying with her eyes, "you left me, i don't want you." luckily my feelings weren't hurt too badly. we made up in the car. however, after staying with my aunt and uncle for a week, i think they are more than just a great aunt and great uncle...more like another nini and papa. i am grateful that everything went so well and she was loved soooooo much.

she is officially back to her ooey, gooey, cheesy smiley, ornery self! kylee is defiantly coming off a vacation high. slowly adjusting, but doing well. still cute as ever.

how do kids no that when you get an ice cream cone they instinctively know to eat the cone? you would think that they know to eat the ice cream, but not the's the ice cream "holder." what would make them think that they are supposed to eat that as well (assuming they haven't seen you eat one before)? just curious...because alaina knew exactly what to do. that thing was gone in two minutes. it was hilarious. she dove right in and finished it off with out batting an eye. and when she was done she was looking for more with her white goatee plastered on. i'm just so glad i thought to bring my camera:)