Sunday, December 23, 2007


just wanting to wish everyone a very merry christmas. in just two days santa will be making his appearance and we will celebrate the most important birthday of the year....our Lord. the last four years, we've been torn about whether or not to make a big deal about santa claus. we didn't want all the emphasis on him, we wanted it on jesus. however, last year i watched for the first time the "polar express." it made me cry and it made me think. i know the true reason for this season and want to celebrate it as such, but there is something about being a kid and believing in santa claus (i didn't want the kids to miss out on). it is magical, it is mysterious....ya know, isn't believing in jesus? you can't see him, he knows when you've been good or bad, except he is always with you. he can forgive. his gifts....eternal. his love....endless. awesome!

so back to the "polar express," tonight, i want to start a new tradition. we're going to have movie the "polar express" accompanied by hot chocolate. she probably won't believe in santa clause much longer. i just pray that she believes in jesus forever!

i really do hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating the birth of jesus, opening gifts with the kids and spending priceless time with loved ones. merry christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

on a roll

okay....what is it now three posts in two weeks? most of you probably haven't noticed because you've stopped checking:) i don't blame you. but i am back, hopefully a little more consistently. i had to post something that kylee said this afternoon. it really made me laugh. we were in the car just her and i and she piped up and said,
k: "mom, when you have a baby in your belly you can't eat."
m: (i asked curiously) "why not?"
k: "because the baby will get food all over it!"
m: "really?"
k: "yeah, it would get all messy."
i then went on to explain that the baby wouldn't get messy, that the baby is in a special sack....and the stomach was a separate sack where all the food goes. with that she was done. it amazes me how their minds work. i mean really, i can see how she could think what she did. sweet girl!!!!! (and no, for any of you who are curious after this conversation, i am not pregnant!)
look at this crazy girl. it takes a lot of work to get a smile that big! man, i love me girls!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

this was our bathroom before........YUCK!!!!

bye bye brass.....gag me:)

this is our bathroom now!!!!!

we love it, we love it, we love it. thank you greg. (i forgot to put a picture of the sink area...oops.)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


is this not the cutest thing....not just the hat, but the blue eyed girl wearing it. my poor kylee has not been in front of the camera for a while. i need to get on that. i am realizing that being a photographer i have been neglectful in taking pictures of my own kids. i have so many pictures, a lag in shouldn't harm too much.

kylee had so much fun in new mexico, i'm not quite sure that she wanted to come home. we are definitely having a time readjusting to real life at home:). i must say i missed her was almost too quiet. but lainey, we did have such a wonderful time with you. that one on one time with you was so great. i think you really still think it's supposed to be that way. life is getting back to normal.

for being willing to tackle this job. you are so great at what you do. not to mention, it's just been nice i am on a mission to find pictures of our master bathroom after we moved in to our house(four years ago). my uncle has been working hard for a week and a half remodeling our NASTY bathroom. he'll attest to that i am sure. not to mention all the things he has found wrong with the way it was put together in the first place. he is almost done and it looks sooooooo great! i am so excited to see the end result, not to mention have our bathroom back. after sharing the girls bathroom for that long (which really isn't that long) i have had enough......too tight! not enough room for all our (my) crap! i'll post pictures soon. thanks greg for tackling this job. you are so great at what you do. it's been great havin' you around....alaina would definitely agree...."Gag" or "the man." we'll miss you when you are done.