Friday, September 26, 2008

beauty school drop out

morning bed head...this kid has the worst!  she woke up the other day and her hair was going every which way but down, so i had to take a picture.  after seeing this one too many mornings i thought is was time to take her somewhere to get her hair cut.  So us girls and Ohie went to run some errands, then get lainey's haircut.  
her she is....ready for the cut,
afterwards (and after a nap i might add) the way, can anyone scream BRACES!
that 'fire marshall bill' smile just makes me laugh.  i absolutely love it!  anyway, the following day i come walking down the stairs to see alaina standing at the kitchen counter with a comb up to her head.  i asked her what she was doing.  she said, "cutting my hair."  my first reaction was, "oh, she is pretending with the comb big deal."  uhhhhhhhh, that is until i walk over to her and see a pile of hair lying on the counter and all over the stool she is standing on.  god was with me at that moment because all i could do was just laugh.  (it still makes me laugh thinking about it).  while trying to contain my laughter i told her she should never cut her own hair.  i told her not to move so i could get my camera....she didn't like this (i think she was embarrassed or something) because as soon as i walked away to get the camera, she quickly dusted the stool off, removing all evidence!  do you think she knew that it would soon become available for the whole world to see....hmmmm.  she is a pretty smart girl you know.....just not a very good beautician (at least not just yet).  mommy loves you sweety, it will be fun to look back on this an laugh together one day:)  JUST DON'T DO IT AGAIN! :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

hello again....we're back

i can't believe that it has taken me this long to post. we've been back for four days now and i've wanted to do this everyday, but life after a vacation....what can i say "back to reality." i had actually planned to blog while we were away, but time got away from us...we were having too much fun and too tired at night because of the time difference. i don't think we really started adjusting until the night before we left.

we had a wonderful time. nine glorious days away with my husband. i had so much fun with him. we haven't been alone like that for six years. i enjoyed every second. here was a typical day in the life on maui.....wake up 5:30/6:00 (10:30 KS time), take a walk on the beach, have quiet time, then breakfast. eight thirty grab our chairs and head for the beach, read a little, sleep a little, then snorkel, then lay out some more. We would do this until 11:00, then head up to the lawn area because the trade winds would pick up (it's not so much fun when the sand is blowing in your face). Have lunch around noon, then go back down to the lawn (the lawn overlooked the beach), read and sleep for a few more hours (i must say that alan did a lot better then i thought he would because he gets so darn antsy....he can't just "lay out"). Then we would go back up to the condo, clean up then have an afternoon cocktail.....alan became a pro at making Mi Tie's. yummy....but i would only have one! then around 5:00 i would start making dinner, we'd open a bottle of wine and have dinner on the lana'i. we'd watch the beautiful sunset and just hang out. it was wonderful.

it was the first time in a long time where i think we both just completely relaxed. no work, no stress, no worries.....just paradise. i will post pictures to flickr so you all can see (even though i didn't take as many as i thought i would...and the pictures look kinda crappy because t tried resizing them for easier download....well, it didn't save to a new file, so now i have to re-download all my pictures so they have better resolution, oops).

we missed the girls so much, talked about them all the time, but we still had a hard time leaving. i wish we could have more time like that. we are just so blessed to know that we will be back. mom and dad, we can't tell you enough how grateful we are that you allowed us to stay there. mom you did an amazing job redecorating the is AWESOME! we also want to thank both grandparents for taking such wonderful care of our girls. they had a wonderful time. it sure is good to have them back. i missed their little hands and sweet kisses and hugs. anyway, i need to go back to work. with any luck i will post again soon:)