Monday, March 16, 2009


three?  really?  actually it feels as though she has been three for a long time.  the way she speaks and acts, sometimes she acts even older than three.  our sweet, funny lou lou!  everyday you make us laugh...with the little things you say or do...heck even your hair cracks us up.  you inherited morning hair from your gg.  you are my little side don't like to leave it for long.  always telling me how much you love me, giving me hugs and really know how to work it.  you are quiet and gentle (except for when you are screaming....or should i say, "shreaking").  we love everything about you....even when you are acting like denise the menace.  for some reason this morning i am not finding the right words to express how much we love you and just how special you are.  it has been a fun(ny) three years, we can't wait for more to come.  just don't grow up too fast.  sweetie, we hope you have a wonderful day....just stop asking when dinner is...because pizza and cake are a long ways away! :)

Friday, March 06, 2009


i am hoping and praying that we are finally on the upside of things.  i just want my babies to feel better.  this has been one of the longest weeks (months actually).  we have been to the doctor every week for the last four weeks...and a few in between (to the ENT).  they have both had back to back ear infections, colds, 5ths disease and now ear infections again.  kylee has had a fever since tuesday afternoon...although i think it is finally gone...i guess i will see when i get home in the morning.  alaina has to go back to the doctor for the third day in a row to get rochephin shots in her fanny (poor baby, her butt looks like a dalmatian with spots because she won't let us take the band aids off her butt, and there are two on each cheek.  we get to add two more today).  kylee is going in to have tubes placed next week, and if lainey's ear infection doesn't clear up after these antibiotics, she is on her way for the same procedure.  our girls are tired and so are alan and i.  they were feeling a little better yesterday afternoon so we went outside for a few minutes (i didn't want kylee to get too worked up) has been so hard to stay inside when the weather is finally so wonderful.  thank you everyone who has been praying for us, we really appreciate all your love and support.  i know God is at work here and i will rest in knowing that....even if i have a frumpy face!  it stinks, that of all weekends we have to lose one hour, we have to lose it tonight.....bummer.  oh well.  well, i better get back to work, i still have five hours left.