Friday, June 27, 2008


safety has never been cuter!  i just had to post these pictures really quick.  summer has been so busy already.....though it is a third of the way over if you can believe it.  hope everyone is having a great one.  will post again soon...hopefully.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

last week was SBO Jr (VBS) at church....and this morning all the kids sang during worship.  can you see kylee up there jammin'?  she's the one in the middle on the second row really gettin' to it. the songs they sang were so fun.  you can tell that the kids liked them too!  

alan and i just sat there watching her with tears in our eyes.  seeing her up there made us both realize how big she is getting.  for me it is seeing her up there singing songs to jesus.  how he loves her voice.  i know he is smiling down on everyone of those kids who simply love him for who he is.  they don't need all the answers, they just believe.  oh how sweet that is.  kylee, i pray that your heart for jesus will only grow.  that you will seek him and find him when you search for him with your whole heart (jeremiah 29:13).

on another note, happy fathers day to my husband and my dear dad's.  i (we) love you so much.  you are all so important and influential in my life.  i have been blessed to have been loved by such loving, sensitive and wise men.  thank you.