Friday, October 31, 2008

tink and wonder

i had a little while before i put on my costume, so i thought it was as good a time as any to post a few pics of the girls.  it has been a long crazy day, but definitely worth it.  it is so fun watching them.  kylee had a blast tonight because we met up with her friend kolbie and they trick or treated together.  lainey was a bit dazed....early morning + no nap = sleepy kid.  now they are off to papa and ohie's and alan and i (and uncle cam) will soon be in costumes too.  i can't believe i am doing this, it has been years...i have to admit, i'm a little excited.  i used to love dressing up for halloween.  my friend and i had a theme (from saturday night live) every year in middle school.  i'll let you know how it goes...and if you're lucky you may see a picture or too.  happy halloween everyone!


happy halloween from all of us and the spooky dog!!!  i'll post later when wonder women and tinkerbell make their appearance.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

i am wondering if i should give up this blog thing....i have gotten to be terrible about keeping up to date with the day to day lives in the rimbo household.  it's just been insane.  no better way of putting it.  the only nights i seem to get quite a bit done is when i am up all night at work....but should i be doing this at work????  probably not, but i need something to help me stay awake.  

the girls have been doing great....getting all ready for halloween.  lainey already had her school party.  she loves her tinkerbell costume (that ohie made, i might add).  she even prances around when she wears it.  it has been so hard on kylee to have to wait all week to wear her costume.  "mommy, is it halloween after this night or another night?" (she has stopped calling me "mother."  i am once again mommy:)  kylee is busy with school and homework...yes, homework in kindergarten believe it or not.  tonight she was writing math problems on a piece of paper (1+4=5).....what!!!!  i was blown away.  it amazes me so how much and how fast these kids have to learn things these days.  but it is really exciting to see all that she has learned in the two and a half months she's been in school.

lainey just makes me laugh everyday.  she is such a goof.  she is getting so big.  i know i keep saying that, but it's true.  the time goes by too fast.  it makes me a little sad.  i am trying to take advantage of every hug and kiss, because they soon become few and far between.  just thought i'd say hello to the blogging world, but i really need to get back to work.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

who couldn't love this baby is a big girl now, what am i going to do?
kylee's kindergarten class.....
best buddies (they are together everyday, play soccer together and are in sunday school you think they'll get sick of each other?)  they have so much fun!
it has been too long....again.  what can i say, time just slips away.  fun things have been happening 'round these parts and i need to share.  first let me say HALLELUJAH!!!!  we are finished with diapers!!!  anyone else feel like doing a cheer.  alaina is officially potty trained.  two sundays ago i decided that it was the diaper fairy came and took all of our diapers away "oh my."  i put her in a pair of panties and sent her off to sunday school.  yes, sunday school (i actually put a pull up on her during that time period and just took them off as soon as we picked her up...she actually went on the potty for her sunday school teacher).  that afternoon was the only accident she had.  she has done amazing!!!!  i am so relieved to be rid of stinky is our garage.  our girls are growing up so fast.  

today, kylee had her first field trip...the the KC pumpkin patch.  it was so much fun watching her in her own element.  the little social butterfly that she is.  she was so excited about her trip to the pumpkin patch.  actually, i think she was more excited about riding the bus.  i even got to ride the cool is that?  not really, it was actually a little frightening, since the bus driver didn't seem to know what he was doing.
what else....hmmm, oh yeah, we painted our kitchen (we meaning toni and i).  it really needed to be freshened up a bit, and the color is very fitting for fall.  i love it.  next up is our bedroom!  as soon as the lawn loses it's need to be mowed, alan has already been hired to be my painting buddy!  i know that there is more, but it is 2:30 in the morning and i am getting too tired to's a real good thing that i'm at work, huh?