Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i wonder what you're thinkin'

my dear sweet kylee.....i really do wonder what you are thinking right now. not to pour my soul out right now, but things have been crazy around her lately, or should i say "i" have been crazy lately. i have been on this medication that is making me absolutely NUTS! i am getting off of it in a week and a half (but i have to see it through), hopefully things will calm down then. needless to say, the kids (and my poor dear husband)....especially kylee, have received the brunt of my irritability. so until i can get off this crazy crap i apologize ten thousand times. i love you so much, you have no idea.

i let kylee miss her nap the other day so we could spend some one on one time together and this is one of the pictures i took. (there are more on check 'em out)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

little over ten

we are now 10 months old....almost 10 1/2 now. as you can see, she has a cold. i forgot how hard these few months before turning one are (at least they were for kylee, and seem to be the same for alaina.) between getting teeth, the frustration of moving around , not being able to communicate and the common cold these last few months seem to be a bit of a struggle. she can walk a short distance, when she wants to. in the last couple of days she has learned to "wave." it is so cute. she was lying on my lap last night waving at alan, and she wouldn't stop until he waved back...then a few seconds later she would do it again. this went on for fifteen minutes or so. she is also doing fairly well at feeding herself most table foods, except vegetables of course. she is even drinking most of her formula and water from a sippee cup. she is down to just her night time bottle. i can't wait to pack the bottles away for good....and formula, yuck! Vitamin D milk here we come!!! her favorite time of day is the evening. at least that is when she is at her happiest. i think it's because she has everyone together. after dinner i just lay on the floor and let both girls just crawl all over me. alaina thinks it is so much fun. back and forth, back and forth.....

though times are a little tough right now, i wouldn't change things. i am absolutely in love with this little girl (both my girls...kylee.) alaina, i am so thankful for all your sweetness. you are a true delight!

Monday, January 22, 2007

oh snowy days...

you can't beat an afternoon with a sweet little girl, making snowmen and snow angels. and chocolate, of course! if you can believe it this is the first snowman we have made (it's probably the first one i have made in twenty years.....i can't believe i can actually say "twenty years," and leaving a few to spare, it feels weird.) i wasn't prepared when we went outside, so we don't have a hat, "muffins" (mittens), or coal for eyes. we improvised with what we had outside (except for the carrot. alan gave us that one). the bark for eyes...they look more like eyelashes. pretty creative i thought!

poor alaina stuck inside. i didn't have anything to keep her dry...because she would've had to sit in the snow. she looked so sad in the window. i really did feel bad for her. this may sound crazy, but i actually thought about wrapping her with a trash

bags, but thought better....plastic bags...babies, hmmm not a good combination. she'll have next year, unless anyone has an extra snow suit lying around? i can't wait to do this with the both of them, and i can watch them make the snowman...instead of making it myself:)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

popcorn anyone?

the popcorn in long gone, but these two are cozied up on the floor watching a movie (i am obviously writing this...snuggled in with my heating blanket.) about six or seven months ago we decided that it would be fun to have our own little movie night with kylee. about once a month we pick a night and a movie...pop some popcorn aka "pa-corn" (maybe even make cookies) gather our blankets and pillows and have "movie night." kylee absolutely loves it! i think she gets more excited about staying up and eating popcorn and cookies.

tonight it is snowing like crazy, what better way to spend the night, than snuggling in together.....hmmm, i can't think of anything better...gotta go.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


our little electric dandelion! the longer her hair gets the funnier it looks. alan gets the biggest kick out of doing this...he used to do it to me when we were dating (i just loved it, ha, ha....luckily kylee doesn't mind. well, most of the time.)

ps. ricky and lucy the fish were laid to rest this afternoon....floating in the olathe sewer system that is (they lived 7 days longer than larry). kylee had the honors of flushing the toilet. a lot less traumatic than the garbage disposal! she's coping very well :) no more pet fish for a while.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

little legs

for the very first time last night alaina made her walking debut! she is one her way...and only nine months. well, almost ten, but it's more fun to say nine. she's taking after her daddy, who was also an early walker (i think it was nine months also.) it is so fun watching your kids take their first steps. the look on their faces when they are being cheered on.

it was a little hard for kylee though. not getting all the attention and all the praise is so hard. kylee, mommy understands. it is hard sitting on the sidelines and just being a spectator. but know this my dear, mommy and daddy love you so much and are so proud of all you do and have done. though you may sometimes (trust me, you are still in the lime light more often than you can imagine) be on the sidelines, we are still cheering you on too!

we are so lucky to have a house filled with all the noise and laughter (even tears) that you bring. we are so blessed by the two of you. i can't nor would i want to imagine a life without the two of you in it. love you bunches......

Thursday, January 11, 2007


"i can see you mom!" i just had to post some pictures of alaina and her teeth. they've changed her look. no more gummy shots...she's all teeth. the two next to her front two are also almost through. she wants to bite everything. she almost bit through my lip a few weeks ago. she has started giving those baby open mouthed kisses. one day, low and behold, my sweet baby was giving me a kiss, when...."chomp." i didn't pull away fast enough, my lip was bleeding and numb for hours. man, that hurt! i was only expecting a little slobber, not blood! oh well, you live and learn right? now when she gives me a kiss, i give her a quick peck!

aren't these two so cute? alaina just loves hangin' out in kylee's room. this was right before nap time. speaking of giving kisses...this was the first time alaina gave kylee a real kiss (on, i just sounded like i was talking about a dog!) it was the sweetest thing. oh yeah, no blood was drawn!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sunday, January 07, 2007

a short 18 hours

meet "larry." he joined our family yesterday. saturdays are often kylee and papooh's day together. he comes to get her and they go and run errands. kylee loves it...i think papooh does too! from these outings kylee has acquired a nickname, "gimme, gimme." obviously fitting, miss gimme comes home with a stuffed animal and....larry! (she was so excited.) technically, speaking she came home with larry, moe and curly. yes, three goldfish. but as my dad was transferring them to their bowl, moe and curly slide out of the bag into the sink, and "bye, bye" down the drain. oops! (we were all cracking up...except kylee.) kylee was a little confused as to what was actually happening. when she did realize that two of the fish had gone down the drain she was a little upset, but soon came to terms that only one was left.

within a few minutes alan remembered that there were two fish sitting in our drain...not good. so, alan decided to turn on the garbage disposal. oh, my goodness! kylee lost it. the poor girl was traumatized ( i would have been too. actually, i wasn't too thrilled with the garbage disposal idea....gross!) after a few hugs and a talk with daddy and she was okay.

this is what happened the next morning......
....i came downstairs to find this. kylee was sitting on the counter over the fish bowl, with loads of fish flakes sitting on the bottom. i said, "kylee, what did you do. you are going to kill him."

kylee replied, "he was hungry. i don't want to kill him. i made a mistake, i made a mistake."

it looked like a farmer trying to feed his pigs right before the slaughter. the poor thing had no chance. sure enough three hours later, larry was lying sideways at the bottom of the bowl.

so now we would like to introduce to you, ricky and lucy. this time, the water was treated and the fish food is on top of the refrigerator. we'll see how long they last. hopefully longer than 18 hours.

Friday, January 05, 2007


....just beautiful! simply stated. i ponder daily what will come of there relationship. being a sister is hard. i can honestly say that i have not done a very good job of being one myself. i just pray that in spite of your differences and sisterly challenges, that you will grow closer each and every day. you are both so beautiful inside and out. mommy loves you both so very much!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

yum yum, cheerios

i guess kylee felt alaina needed a few more cheerios. i leave the room for one minute and come back to alaina shoveling handfuls of cheerios into her mouth. kylee, you are such a great helper and big sister! i'm sure that if alaina could speak she would say the same thing.

i just love this one, kylee prying alaina's mouth open to show us her new teeth. i can't believe she wasn't screaming...but hey, with a tray full of cheerios, what's there to complain about. she is pretty happy these days.....teeth are finally in, we're getting to try all kinds of yummy food (pancakes, fruit...even little pieces of chicken, she loves it!), and of course we can move almost anywhere we please. though, she is into everything. she is our quiet little sneak. i think we may have our hands full with you little girl. you are pretty honoree, but oh, so sweet. i wouldn't want you any other way! i love you girls so, so much!

Monday, January 01, 2007

new year

is christmas really over and the new year already here? i can't believe it. it comes and goes so amazingly fast. and instead of taking down the christmas tree and cleaning house, i want to blow big bubbles and be carefree. sound like fun? i'm sure kylee would be all for it!