Sunday, November 30, 2008

buffalo gal

i can just hear jimmy stewart and donna reed singing, "buffalo gal won't you come out tonight, won't you come out tonight, won't you come out to night, and dance by the light of the MOON!" it fit's the season doesn't it?  okay, i was trying to be funny, but have no idea if i succeeded....i just made myself laugh.  anyway, i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving.  we did...alaina, was definitely having fun (the picture above was her at the end of thanksgiving dinner).  she was cracking up. 
after thanksgiving, we spent some time with my papooh (my dad) at my grandparents house.  it was nice and relaxing....the girls fun standing at GGpa's side discovering a new found treat "Necco's" (my grampa's favorite).  then we went home to decorate the christmas tree.  following suite, this was alaina's first year to actually help hang up ornaments....she did the EXACT same thing kylee did....hung them all in one small area (then she sat there mesmerized by them).  i love this time of year!
the next morning we woke up to after breakfast we all enjoyed a hot cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.  it can't get any better than this.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

potty princess

every time i look at this picture it makes me laugh...this little girl just makes me laugh in general.  this little girl comes down stairs in the morning...pull ups still on (dry), but before going to the bathroom we have to have our fancy shoes.  what can i say, she thoroughly enjoys being a girl.  what she wants for christmas.....a pink computer (got it), perfume (got it...watered down of course), hairspray (um....don't think so, i just in vision her spraying it directly into her eyes...or all over the dog), pink chair (that one is still up for grabs).  speaking of the dog, that poor thing.  when i get ready for the day (shower, hair, etc) the girls always go into one of the bedrooms taking the dog with them...and holding her hostage (every time i go to check on them the dog tries to bolt out of the room...."save me, save me.")  anyway, today was another day, but i couldn't help but laugh when the dog came bolting out of the room wearing a homemade paper cape with kylee's name all over it.  she never tried getting it off, she just tried to get away from the girls.  i kept wondering how they attached that thing, but kept forgetting to look.  well, when i went to take it off, it turns out that kylee had made a chain of stickers that extended from one end of the paper the next...with a lot of hair in between.  like i said, poor dog!  i can't believe she didn't start crying when i took it off seeing as how it ripped a ton of her hair out.  i went and told kylee that i thought that the sticker chain was a very creative way of attaching it, but that it may not be such a good idea in the future.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

lion king

last saturday kylee had her first musical experience.  the "lion king."  what fun!  the costumes were simply amazing...we were able to see them first hand because we were sitting on the aisle watching them walk by.  how anyone came up with that is beyond me.  kylee had a great time.  you know how it goes dark between scenes....well, after each seen kylee would lean over and ask me if there was going to be another one.  i think she really enjoyed the music.  we couldn't tell how well she was following the story line because it has been a year or two since she has actually watched the movie itself.  one other funny thing (and this reminds me so much of me as a kid....darn's one thing i didn't want her to get from me....if you can even inherit this), at intermission kylee leans over to me and tells me that she would really like to go to the "lion store....because they have these things and you buy them."  i thought oh brother, she is talking about the souvenir concession stand.  yep, that's my daughter....that would have been the first place i would have like to go too!  when i told her that coming to see the show was the "gift" in itself and that we didn't need anything else....we had a program...ha!  well, with this she was not too pleased.  she told me she didn't want me here with her because i don't let her do stuff like that...she also proceeded to tell me that she wouldn't want daddy here either because she knew he wouldn't let her either.  i went to put my arm around her to comfort her and to scratch her back...uh, she wanted nothing to do with that either.  a little while later during the show and after returning from sitting on papa's lap she was happy again, cuddling up against my arm.  i am not sure what words were spoken, they must have been sweet nothings.  oh yeah, we left with a nala doll.  what more can i say?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


we are literally in the car as we speak waiting for kylee to get out of school.  the weather is so crappy i thought we would go ahead and wait in line at school (to get a front spot you have to be up here at 2:50's pretty silly).  so i thought i would bring my computer with me so i could work while waited...and low and behold they have free what am i doing?  yes, blogging....not working.  i guess i better sign off and go do that....while i listen to alaina in the back seat CRUNCHING on chips ( a little treat from papa).  oh, i almost forgot i have a funny little lainey story.  several christmas's ago kylee got a play kitchen and she played with it for a time, but the last year or so it has been neglected so to say so i thought...hmmm craigs list could really help out santa this year. well last night a guy came to pick up the beloved kitchen...after he left lainey, frozen in the entry hall, lip out and tear filled eyes says, "he's taking our kitchen," in the saddest little voice.  mind you i am looking at this child getting ready to bust a gut because she is standing there wearing her new foofy glittery skirt, floral shirt and shower cap (she reminded me of steve #4 from the movie multiplicity)....serious as the day is long.  not two minutes later she is in the kitchen still fretting about the kitchen saying, "i am so frustrated at the man, he took our kitchen."  this lasted until bed time.  what a hoot!

Friday, November 07, 2008

new day

it's a good day...despite all that satan would love to do (and is trying) to keep me from relishing in God's peace...and trying to keep me from our church's women's retreat tonight.  thank you to everyone who has been praying for me...i feel them.  i am so grateful for new mercies everyday! you like my self portrait....ha, what a dork! 

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

God's promise

(thanks donna for calling to tell us about the rainbow....even though you can barely see it in this picture)  i really needed to see that this morning.  it is a beautiful reminder of God's promise to us. especially in light of where our country is headed.  last night i went to bed with my mind racing and my heart heavy....i woke up feeling the same.  i don't want to start some weird political thing, but i do feel like i should share my feelings.  i want to have the same peace that others do about this election, but as of now i don' i am continually praying for that.  i am scared for this country....for my family.  where things are headed, i do not know for sure, but it doesn't feel good (and this is not just based on feelings, it based on all the information i have read and heard).  i am scared for this country, for our future, for my kids future....wondering if my husband will have a job a year for now...what kind of medical coverage we'll much we will have to pay in taxes...the list goes on and on.  i know that i am not supposed to worry, and honestly i am praying constantly...trying to let go, but is so hard sometimes.  after seeing this rainbow it helped calm my spirit a bit ;).  it reminded me that God is in control, that he loves us so much...he has a plan for our future, plans to prosper us and not harm us, to give us hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).  i am going to cling to that verse...and cling to him, because i do believe that we are headed for very hard times and if i don't cling to him and his promises the fear and worry will consume me...and how can that bring Christ glory?  how could i ever have peace?  i am going to trust in believe in the maker of heaven and earth, and keep repeating Jeremiah 29:11 until i turn blue in the face....reminding myself that God is good and he wants good for us because he loves us that much!