Tuesday, November 27, 2007

how long has it been? seriously, it feels as though we've fallen off the face of the blogging world.
i wish i could say that we've just been hangin' out, but that is not quite the case. i am so excited this year for the holidays. the kids are growing so fast and it is so fun to enjoy it with them. the fall leaves, making christmas tree chains, hanging ornaments, cookies, chocolate covered pretzels....i could go on and on. kylee has grown up so much. i am being literal, i can't keep the poor child in jeans....she grows too fast.

lainey is also getting too big too fast. she is still our little clown, always good for a laugh. she talks so much, always imitating big sis! what are we going to do with just one child for a week? kylee gets to go to new mexico with ohie for one whole week! i don't think i have been away from kylee for more than a night....now a whole week? she is going to have so much fun. she even got a fancy party outfit (she will be attending papa's christmas party at work)....she's not in the least bit excited:) we will miss you. but lainey, we are going to have so much fun too (watching my uncle remodel our bathroom!)....really we will.

Friday, November 02, 2007

happy halloween

a belated "happy halloween" from the rimbo girls. our little barbie princess (big surprise....seriously!) and raggedy ann (how do you spell???). this was alaina's first year to actually trick or treat. she loved it. after leaving each house she'd reach in her bucket, pull out whatever she got and say, "got, got!" she actually went a lot further than i thought she would. i'm sure it was much more fun with big sister.

we are all sick around here. in fact, i am leaving you with this small post because i am tired and don't feel well. hope all is well with everyone.