Thursday, March 20, 2008


this picture really reminded me how small the girls really are.....not just in size!  they seem to grow up so fast and each day i expect so much from them.  i need to remember that they are this small only once!  i need to take a step back, slow down, take a breath and savior the moment.  

today the girls and i went on an "adventure."  i knew that the weather was supposed to be amazing today so i wanted to seize it (knowing that is may snow this weekend...on easter!)  i have lived in kansas my whole life and i can't remember if i have ever been to the nelson atkin's art museum.  is that sad?  so i thought it might be fun to go and run around outside, have a picnic and admire a few pieces of artwork.  it was so fun even thought it was so muddy!  lainey kept falling...her knees were soaked.  i told kylee that i would bring her back, just her and i, and we would actually go inside and look around.  i wasn't sure how lainey would have handled that. i love days like these with my girls.  it's even better with an ice cream cone for the ride home:)
"fire marshall bill" and her sister!
"mom, we're hungry.....will you stop taking pictures and feed us????"

Sunday, March 16, 2008


how beautiful you are!  how lucky we are to have been blessed by that beauty inside and out for the last two years.  every day you make us laugh...whether it be the look on your face, something you say, or your crazy hair!!!  i honestly didn't know how i would be able to love another child as much as your sister, but it is amazing the capacity for love God has given us. did that make sense?  you are changing everyday.  you already count to 16 and say your abc' practically repeat everything anyone says.  you blow me away.  baby girl we love you so much. you have brought so much added joy and excitement to our lives.  i am always so speechless when i try to write something special...probably because there are too many things to write about.  but baby, know this, we love you more than you will ever know.  i hope you had a great day....even if you weren't feeling yourself.  happy birthday sweetheart!!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

sicky poo

nice hair!  bed head after taking a three hour nap (which is not like her).  for the last three days this poor kid has had a fever.  it reached 104.3 degrees twice.  we took her to the doctor yesterday and she was tested for flu..negative, strep throat...negative, ear infection...negative, pneumonia...negative.  than what else could be causing this ongoing fever?  possibly a bladder infection.  and since we won't know anything for sure until next week (when they get her test results back) i requested we start some sort of antibiotic.  i didn't want my poor baby to have a fever all weekend...that couldn't be good for her, nor giving her motrin and tylenol for so long. 

while she was taking her nap today i frosted her birthday cupcakes..."zoe" from sesame street.  (i'll post a picture tomorrow.)  after finishing i turned around to find her standing there drinking her juice with a goofy smile on her face.  how long had she been standing there?  she is so darn quiet!  i could tell that her fever had broken so i decided we'd recheck her temp and take some pictures.  she is just too much for words.
in the midst of obviously feeling like crap her sweet funny personality was still able to shine through her fabulous smile!!!  i love you lou.  i hope you continue to feel better.  mommy hates to see you sick.  we'll have a good time at your party tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

:sad face:

if this isn't a sad face i don't know what is.  for many of you who know our sweet girl know that she has this awful chronic cough.  she has had it for more than two years, but now it is followed by a lovely "snort."  so today we spent the afternoon in the allergists office.  we had a difficult time getting through the skin test.  it didn't hurt, i just think the whole idea...and not being able to see what was happening freaked her out.  i do think she thought having x-rays were pretty cool...didn't have twist her arm to do that.  but then came the blood work.  what fun it was...poor baby.  we made a special trip to target for a special treat.....a new stuffed friend.  

it turns out she has a sinus infection that she has probably had for several years because of allergies.  the test also showed that she is allergic to a few types of trees, cats, dust and cockroaches.....yes, cockroaches!!!  i have never heard of that.  it must be the over exposure she has had at our house.....yeah, that must be it.  we'll see how she does in a month after taking all of her new medications.  i'm just glad the day is now over.  i know she is too!

Saturday, March 01, 2008


today you turned!  where has the time gone.  five years ago on a saturday morning at 9:30am you came into this world, and what a blessing it has been.  these last few years have been challenging for all of us.  you are really discovering yourself and your feelings/emotions.  you are beautiful inside and out.  your strength will carry you far, your sensitivity will allow to love deeper, and your intuitive side will make you wiser.  sweet girl we love you so much.  we hope you have a fabulous birthday!  i also hope you have a good time at your birthday party...mommy is a little nervous to have a house full of five year olds (i've never done this before.)  knowing you, you will probably take charge and run the show!