Saturday, November 25, 2006

horsing around

how cool is this? horseback riding in the mountains! beautiful surroundings and great company, both human and animal (mccray, roy, walker and crash.) it was so much fun. it wasn't your typical trail ride where the guide will only allow you to walk....we ran...well, galloped. there was even a little competition between brother and sister....who could get past who. kylee wasn't too pleased with her horse crash when she was left behind, "h'yaaaah crash! oh, come on crash." he obviously wasn't going fast enough. he eventually caught up.

she was quite the chatty kathy until the end where i think she was more relaxed than anything. me on the other hand, i was having a blast, just trying not to pee all over myself (should've gone to the bathroom before hand), the guide even offered to stop so i could go. it took me all of a second to say, "mmmmm, no thanks."

did i mention how sore we all are. whao! i forgot how sore you get after riding a horse. i can not imagine back in the day when people rode them cross country. no thank you. it's really fun, but after 45 mins, my butt has had enough. is that why cowboys tend to have flat butts? anyway, we have to go home in a day and a half....we are so sad, but we have had so much fun. it is so nice up here. very relaxing...except for when little miss lainey decides that she doesn't want to sleep at night (which never happens at home), little stinker!

ps. check out flickr for more pictures

Thursday, November 23, 2006


thanks-giv-ing [thangks-giv-ing]
1. the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgement of benefits or favors, esp. to God.
2. an expression of thanks, esp. to God.
3. a public celebration in acknowledgement of divine favors or kindness.
4. a day set apart for giving thanks to God. Unabridged (v 1.0.1)

so what do you think about thanksgiving? growing up i think i knew that it was about giving thanks for what we had, but in my head all i could see were the pilgrims sharing a meal with the indian's. that's what you learn in school. right? they don't teach you that it is a day not only for thanksgiving of all we have and are grateful for, but a day of giving thanks to a God who is the creator of it all. for being thankful for his acts of kindness, his goodness....his life. all things come from him. i am so grateful for all his gifts to husband and our relationship, our girls and the one on the way (for those of you who do not know, yes, number three is on his/her way), and our wonderful families.... and for every situation god places before me. they are an adventure a time of growth. there are many other things that i am thankful for, but it would take way too long. so, thanks be to God for all his goodness, and may all the glory go to him. have a wonderful thanksgiving everyone.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


i am bumbin' right now because i would really like to get some cool shots of the kids, but my camera is busted! and when do you think this happened? of course! the night before a photo shoot. so now it's on a UPS plane (in support of my dad....did i do good dad?) on it's way to new jersey to be repaired...hopefully! i just hope the warranty is going to cover everything. blah, blah, blah, enough of my moaning and groaning. life goes on, so instead of taking pictures i thought of looking at some old ones.

everyone is always talking about the girls and "who looks like who," so i decided to put a few next to each other. when i was looking at alan's cute baby pictures it is amazing at the resemblance alaina and him have....especially the bald heads. but hey, what can i say...really, i think i was bald until i was at least two.

i wanted to put a picture of alan next to kylee's, but i couldn't find one of him around her age....but seriously, do i really need to....who do you think she looks like.....kylee of course!

i will try to post some more while we are in new mexico for thanksgiving. and if you think about it, please pray for us as we attempt to travel with the kids during the holiday week. love to all, and i hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed and very thankful thanksgiving. XOXO

Monday, November 13, 2006

dancin' fool

are we starving for attention or what? i don't know if you will think this is as funny as we did, but i just couldn't resist. she is going to hate me one of these days for posting this. but man, this girl can dance....and everyone needs to see. she has danced in front of the camera numerous times, but this takes the cake. i think she was just lovin' the full attention of mom and dad. she is just so stinkin' cute, and she's always good for a laugh (honey, i don't mean that in a bad are just so funny)!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

on the move....well, sort of

i have been very neglectful in blogging regularly...but honestly, nothing extremely exciting was going on here. but now......a little later than predicted, but oh so close....alaina is finally crawling. it does take a little coaxing, but she is finally on the move. and of course we crawl towards everything that we are not supposed to. with the christmas tree going up a little early this year it should be very interesting. as of now she doesn't go very far, you can tell she is worn out when the butt is in the air and the thumb is in the mouth....that is break time!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

the pukes

poor baby. i hate it when the kids get sick. it is so hard to see them so uncomfortable, looking up at you with their big eyes dry heaving over a trash can. i had to sleep with her last night so i could hold the trash can every hour. you can't see it in the pictures, but she is wearing half of it on her pj's...she wouldn't let me change them. she hasn't been able to keep anything down...a few sips of 7up here and there, but that is about it. i hope this is just a 24-48 hour stomach bug. please keep little miss in your prayers!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


the most beautiful butterfly i have ever seen. i still can't believe she decided on this costume....remember it was going to be batman or a policeman! she loved all the glitter and paint. i wouldn't be surprised that from this year on her costume will include face painting.

when alan's mom came in and saw her for the first time she said that daddy wasn't going to like the fact that she looks so much older....and sure enough...he came through the door looked at her and immediately had a concerned look on his face, "she looks cute, but i'm not sure i like it." man what is he going to do when she is sixteen? all the doors won't just be locked, but dead bolted, and boards nailed into the door. i have a great idea, maybe we should make a rule.... that any guy who wants to go out with her has to wear a shock collar around his neck, and when he gets within 2-3 feet of her it'll shock him. oh, i just asked kylee if she thought that would be a good idea, "oh yeah, i think we should do that." i think alan might like that. (maybe a little too inhumane?)

anyway, little miss butterfly had a great time trick-or-treating. she was completely exhausted when it was said and done.
....and little miss turtle here, yeah, that lasted all of about two minutes....enough to take a few pictures. she later turned into a pumpkin...a very cute one i might add. this was my first year to attempt to partially make costumes. i made kylee's antennas and tutu(which you can't see, i guess you can't see the antennas either...oops,), and alaina's turtle shell...not too bad for a simple, beginner sewer.

alaina is also on the verge of crawling (we thought it was going to be last night.) donna has predicted within the week, i think i have to agree. she is so close. i'll post video when she does. well, nothin' else new on the homefront. i hope everyone had a fun halloween!