Saturday, May 31, 2008


is it just me or does this look like a painting?  this is actually an overexposed picture that i took about 6:30 this morning (while taking the puppy to pee.)  the mother bird was watching me like a hawk.  i was interrupting breakfast.  she would sit on the fence post waiting for me to leave so she could feed her babies.  watching her feed them was so neat.  all three heads popping up, mouths wide cool.  okay i am a little obsessed with these baby birds in our backyard.  but in my defense i have never seen for myself anything like this before.  while my sister in law is in africa taking amazing pictures of wild animals....i am here in kansas taking overexposed pictures of a mother bird feeding her babies.  hmmmmm.

Friday, May 30, 2008

"b" is here

meet "bella," the newest addition to the rimbo fam!  she is super cute.  the girls love her...well i should say that kylee loves her (a little too much, if that is possible), and alaina loves her from afar.  kylee is slightly overbearing...can you imagine:)  alaina on the other hand is either on the couch or sitting on the fire place with her feet pulled up.  she just tells bella how cute she is from across the room.  if bella is on the floor and starts coming towards her alaina just stands there and screams.  poor dog.  i hope she can survive in this house.  i am already in love....and alan thinks she's pretty darn cute too.  it feels nice to have a special four legged friend again!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


we have been watching and waiting for these little birdies to arrive.  actually, we noticed only a few weeks ago that there was a nest in our tree (in the backyard.)  i tried taking pictures of the eggs last week, but didn't get close enough.  however, tonight, while grilling dinner:) i decided to take a chair over to the tree to have a look...and this is what i found.  three baby birds....if that is what you want to call them right now.  they look pretty gross.  when i first stood up on the chair i was only expecting to see a few blue eggs....not a "freaky looking bug eyed thing" (there eyes are still closed).  kylee is so excited.  i guess her preschool teacher just had baby birds at her house a few weeks ago.  the class had a great time naming that is what we will be doing the next few days.  my vote, "huey, dewey and louie."  and yes, i know they are not ducks:)

Monday, May 26, 2008

happy memorial day

this is how i am feeling right about now.  though slightly better than saturday!  i haven't posted in a while and probably wouldn't have for a little while longer, but i am stuck in the house.  getting ready for the gym saturday morning, i picked up alaina while standing up and completely messed up my back.  i cannot believe how much i take my back for granted. i really have felt like a little old lady this weekend...all hunched over, very slow to move and in pain.  i have to say that as the day goes on and after bouts of stretching, and magnets taped to my back it feels better...but it's still slow going.  i am just praying that it will heal quickly because on thursday we have a new addition joining our family.  baby bella as the girls call her is coming on thrusday and i will definitely need my back to be somewhat functioning.  so please pray for healing.  

as for the girls, they are doing good.  kylee's last day of school is tomorrow....then we begin summer activities.  daily bouts at the pool (we'll see), dance class and vacation bible school.  i anxious to see how she likes dance class.  she wasn't too thrilled about the leotard....she actually started crying in the store.  lainey on the other hand thinks they are great and wants one too.....she says that she wants "a tard too!"  she may be in dance class by the time she is three...even though the poor thing has very little rhythm (sorry sweetie, but it's true.)  they both growing up way too fast.  kylee wants to marry every boy she see's (lets just say the apple didn't fall too far from the tree...this topic will take another post) and alaina is talking and acting like a three year old.   stop!  slow down girls!

well, i hope everyone else is mobile this memorial day.  have fun...stay dry:)