Sunday, October 21, 2007

punkin' patch time

though the fall seems to get shorter every year....i still love going to the pumpkin patch. my husband doesn't feel the same, yet he did "take one for the team." we went all the way to lawrence to schaakes pumpkin patch. i know it was a little out of the way, but it really was a great pumpkin patch. i've never seen pumpkins that big at any of the pumpkin patches around here. kylee really liked the green and white ones. lainey didn't care too much, she just liked the baby calf and the bulls. hopefully next year it will be a bit'd be more fun for everyone:)
aren't these kids getting is fascinating to me how fast they are growing!

Monday, October 15, 2007


okay, is everyone ready for a lengthy post. seriously....where does the time go. i am exhausted, and it's only the second week in october. speaking of october, today is "my sweets" birthday. since you don't like a big "ta' do" on your birthday, i'll keep it simple. nothing beats an apple pie, and your daughter thinking you are her superman! i love birthdays with kids....they make it so much more fun. for example....the presents, they are ten times more interesting. there is no telling what they'll pick out. in this instance, kylee had her eye set on these superman pajama's. she could barely stand it not telling him what her gift to daddy was. she even made him a birthday card at school today in which she drew a picture of him wearing his "super" cute. i told alan it was either that or a "hula girl" least this way he can wear it at home and not have to go out in public.

oh, and wrapping the present was so fun too. although my type "a" personality had a hard time. i just told her that i would hand her the tape and she could put it wherever she thought it needed to go. she really did a pretty good job. i am really trying to encourage her independence, it's just so hard to do sometime....okay, most of the time!

"superman pants"

 halloween nails (lainey, just can't miss out on an opportunity to have "pretty" nails....and as soon as she's had them painted she goes straight to daddy to show them off.)

happy 6 yr anniversary sweet heart.....what a WONDERFUL time together. a nice quiet dinner with the man i love.....lovely!!! i am so glad that you are my husband.

lainey, just "hulkin' it" up.....after eating all of my eggs and two more. the kid loves eggs! come to think about it, the day after this picture was taken she had had eggs for breakfast, eggs for lunch (had breakfast/lunch after church), and eggs from lo mein for dinner. she's going to start clucking before we know it.

and miss kylee, just being the social bug that she is. she wants a new friend to come over daily. she loves school and is learning so much. her handwriting just amazes me....from where we came from this summer....awesome. the girl loves to color and draw....hmmm i wonder where she gets that:)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

still here

oh my goodness......can i please take a breath? i so need to update this poor neglected blog. my girls are growing before my eyes and i haven't written a darn thing. but what can i do? fall is upon us....(well, sort of) which means business for me is picking up (YEAH!!!). fall foliage, christmas cards and babies....quite a few babies. oh how i love this. needless to say it may be a while before i really truly post something worth while. just wanted to let everyone know that we are still here!!!!

(photo compliments of alan's cousin karen....thanks girl! great shot!)