Sunday, March 06, 2011

lots of party

my girl knows how to rock it!!

daddy thought she needed a little taste of frosting...hmmmm!

okay, the cat is finally out of the bag! after waiting over five months the girls now know we are going to hawaii. the next morning i go downstairs to find their backpacks packed.....hence the reason we waited so long to tell them!! we all agree that we aren't leaving soon enough, but it is almost here! which is why these past few days have been a little stressful. i am trying to wrap my mind around packing for all three kids (and all the baby stuff!) i know you don't need a lot when going to hawaii, but to really convince me of that is extremely hard to do. kylee missed two days of school last week because she was sick...and she hasn't been sick in a long time!! now, miss alaina is sick!! i should be very grateful that this is happening now and now when we leave.....but, that still leaves the chance of mya, alan and myself of coming down with something in the next several days. prayers welcome!!

today was supposed to be the girls combined birthday party, but with lainey being sick and other friends and family who were sick we decided to cancel. alaina was sad because this party was geared more for her since she was not going to have a birthday party (due to our trip), and i was sad because i had made so much freaking cake!! thanks to our lovely neighbors who allowed me shove half a cake in their arms. anyone who wants cake or a cupcake come by...i need it out of my house ;-) anyway, it was a good thing we didn't have it. right before dinner lainey comes downstairs shivering....fever!! looks like we will be visiting the doctors office in the am. does someone want to come over an pack for me? maybe i should go do that now...or go to bed. i have much more to say, but i think bed would be a wiser choice. later!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


morning birthday calls.....;-)

this morning our baby turned "8!" i am humbled by this fact...not even sure if i like it much. every year i post on her birthday the fact that i don't like that she is getting older, but the truth is i love watching her grow up! tears are filling my eyes right now at the thought. it is and has been such a privilege being her mother. watching her grow is such a gift that only God could have given us!!

Kylee, you are beautiful, sweet, tender, compassionate, genuine, fun and strong...and those are just a few words that describe your heart! the heart that Jesus gave you is so special, words really can't express. i am amazed and the person he has created in you. you are AMAZING sweet girl. eight years ago, i held you in my arms for the first time and couldn't even fathom how much joy you would bring to your daddy and i's life....and to the lives of those around you. i hope you have a wonderful day! i am dying for are going to get the biggest surprise ever! we love you so much!!! xoxoxo