Saturday, August 25, 2007


so we could have a little more one on one time with first let me say, "thanks dad" for watching alainakylee. we had a date with our oldest tonight. a little pizza at minsky's (love it!!!), and bowling. kylee wasn't really thrilled with the idea of going "rolling" but once we walked in the doors her mindset changed. i haven't laughed so much in a long time. she was hilarious. she didn't just roll the ball, she threw it (up in the air that is....alan, even had to catch it mid air) it sounded like the floor cracked everytime the ball hit down. she loved it and had a great time....not to mention a chocolate chip cookie from the guy behind the food counter and ice cream on the way home...what a night out with mom and dad. we had a great time with you kylee. you are such a sweet girl.

Friday, August 24, 2007

dough girl

i remember afternoons when my mom would decide to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies....licking the spatula and the beaters was the best part! that sweet, soft dough and bittersweet chocolate chips...mmmmmmm. it's still my favorite part of making cookies.

kylee has had a rough few weeks. she's been acting out a lot more than normal....i think we're dealing with a bit of sibling resentment. lainey, i know kylee loves you so much, but being the big sis' is tough, just as it is to be ther little sis'.

anyway, i thought that today since kylee doesn't have school on fridays and i got canceled at work last night...that it would be a great idea to spend a little one on one time with her (instead of a nap.) so, we make cookies and watched "dreamer." (i still can't believe that i sat next to kris kristofferson and his wife on the plane ride out to hawaii.) what a great movie, always makes me cry. thanks kyleebug for a fun and yummy filled afternoon!

Monday, August 20, 2007

first day of school (pre K)

said it before, but who are you and what did you do to my "little" kylee???? i don't even realize it sometimes until i look at a picture of her....she is growing up so fast. and in the blink of an eye i'll be taking pictures of her as she heads off to college. please stop for just a minute, i need to drink you in. it really reminds me that instead of "stopping to smell the roses," i need to stop and see my girls. see them in all their glory, the way god made them. see what they are doing, what they are saying, what they love. to stop and play, or just sit and hold them. just be still! why is that so hard to do? i get so wrapped up in having "to do" things, that i don't take that time. i know i'vei'll keep saying it as long as i have to....i am sorry for being so busy with the things that aren't very important, from expecting so much from you....i can only expect the great things god has in store for you. i love you both so much. i am sooooo lucky to have two beautiful, funny, sweet, smart, creative, energetic and enthusiastic (i could go on...) daughters. thanks for being mine! i love you..........xoxo

Sunday, August 19, 2007

miss hollywood

look at miss hollywood! i barely got this shot. alaina really gets excited when you start pulling out all the dress up stuff, but she'll only leave it on for a few minutes......except the shoes. she'll wear those silly things all over the house. you'd think that being pigeon toed and high heels wouldn't go hand in hand, but she pulls it off quite well. she even tries to run in them. she is such a character...what a clown. lainey, you make me smile. love ya lou!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

self portrait

i have been completely neglecting this blog.....been a little busy. but i thought i would break in my new chair. i hit the jackpot at the goodwill store today. i have been looking for a simple wood chair, one that i could paint and use for portraits. well i found one (for $5), then i found this awesome piece, the one i'm sitting in. i payed a little more than i would have liked, but i just couldn't pass it was too great. i love the print....even the colors (though you can't see it now.)

the picture below pretty much depicts how i'm feelin' right now. for the last three months i have not physically felt up to par. i haven't been able to put my finger on it. i keep thinking "hypothyroidism," i definitely have at least 5-6 of the signs and symptoms. so i called the doc and now i'm just waiting my blood results. i just want to figure out what the heck is going on so i can feel better....more normal anyway. not to mention, we had a really bad wednesday. we had to put our payton to sleep. if anyone has experienced having to do that, you know what we are going through. it is awful!!!!! so i think i'm just going to stuff for a little while.
kylee starts school monday, i can't believe it. we went up to the school to see her classroom and meet her teacher. anyone who knows kylee, knows that she is not very shy....but as soon as we walked in there she completely clammed up. as soon as we left she was dancin' around saying, "i can't wait to start teacher is awesome!" i'm so glad she likes school....for now anyway!?!

lainey wants to talk so bad. she'll try to say just about anything. new, butt (buh), big butt, cookie, kylee, thank you (sounds like "kunk koo"), more, yeah, juice (sort of), grama and bagel...i know there are more. i'll keep ya posted.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

priority or first class? or are those the same thing?

i just thought these were so funny. the simplest things make the most fun! a box and stamp...who would imagine? this child makes so many facial expressions in a matter of minutes...has since she was a baby. serious...happy (smilin')...and her newest "oooh." that "oooooh" expression came with two blisters on her heels. every time you make mention of her boo boo, she'll look at her heels, then back up at you, pucker up her lips, scrunch her eyebrows and say "ooooooh." so dramatic and a little exaggerated if you ask me....but darn hilarious. she really is a little clown. last night she had the best time just spinning in circles and falling over. she thought it was so did we. when she realized that she was making us laugh she she started falling over on purpose....doing a half turn then fall on the ground (on purpose), completely faking it...then she'd start laughing. what a goof!

poor kylee on the other hand had a rough weekend. all weekend long she had a fever that would not break, but she acted weird! so yesterday i took her to the doctor and sure enough she had strep throat. and after dinner last night her temp peaked to 103 degrees (that was after seeing the doctor.) i carried her upstairs and put her in a cold bath, that was fun! but thank goodness last night after a bowl of ice cream (and popsicle) for dinner and a little rest, the darn thing finally broke! she's much better now...i just hope she doesn't think she's going to get ice cream for dinner again tonight!

the newest facial epression i was talking about....."ooooooh."

Saturday, August 04, 2007

my little fish

fish one....and fish two....(she thinks she is anyway)!

i think kylee swam with water wings for maybe two weeks before she was off on her own....and now look at her....jumpin' in all by herself! amazing. she is growing up so fast.

i don't think i have really posted an update on her lately, so here goes. kylee has been a busy little girl this summer. she learned to swim, ride her bike (still needs a little more time) and still in the process of learning all her letters and numbers (writing them too.) oh, and she has finally stopped sucking her finger and biting her nails! yeah!!!! one of her favorite phrases is...."please, you have to give me a second chance (pleading)." she is such a little negotiator. it seems that we rarely ever have the last word...."but, but, but..." or "well, well, well..." well, well WHAT i ask you! such a sweet girl with such a strong will. we have had and are having many challenges, but she is worth everyone!

she starts preschool again in a few weeks, she will be attending the elementary school in our neighborhood (that is where she will go to kindergarten), four afternoons a week. thank goodness for that! now i don't have to fight nap time anymore. nap time has been such a challenge this summer. i have been very reluctant in giving up on them, so we compromise...."quiet time." (mommy needs a little break in the day) if she doesn't want to sleep she can play quietly in her room. however, it doesn't always run so smooth.

i know there is more, but my mind is drawing a blank....on to lainey......

she is still ornary as ever, but talking a lot more. if you say something that she thinks she can say, she will try it! unfortunately, a week or so ago she learned how to really use the word "NO!" yeah!!! so much fun being told "no" all the time by your 16mo old.

she is now climbing on everything....and into even more stuff. she will only eat if she has a fork (which is a good thing), and she loves it when we pray at dinner. she holds our hands, even bows her head a little, then at the end she says "men!" so sweet.

well, i better go so i can finish doing the laundry. whoopi!!! stay tuned for further updates....i know there is more that i have forgotten.