Friday, February 11, 2011

happy "valentime's day" spelling is correct ;-)

"happy valentime's day" (i hope it will always be "valentime's day") a little late in the day! once you have kids, valentines day is really whenever they have their school parties, not necessarily on the actual this was put off a little. both girls had their valentine's parties last week (not sure why kylee had hers last week....why not start the week off with a party). candy is again coming out of our ears.

i can't stand that every time i sit down to post something, i forget EVERYTHING i was going to say. darn it!! the girls have been saying the funniest things lately and i can't remember all of them, but one of them is the "ducks of huzzard." kylee came and told me about this show alan had let her watch and kept saying something about "ducks," i was so confused. i finally went to alan to clarify...."dukes of hazard!" oh, and tonight we were sitting at dinner, watching the news when an old picture of elizabeth taylor comes on and kylee pipes up and says that she has an "air fro!" alan and i look at each other and start cracking up. it didn't take her to long to figure out that she meant "afro." alaina, today in the car told me to stop talking because her knees hurt. it just made me laugh. out of the mouths of babes! speaking of laughing, mya still does not laugh, well, she does laugh it just sounds more like a high pitched cough...if you can imagine. it's pretty funny! all it takes is for you to start laughing then she will get all excited. she has finally accomplished putting "puffs" in her mouth. it has amazed us that everything else can go in her mouth, but she couldn't put a puff or a yogurt melt into her mouth. so we have been helping her and when she gets it, we all cheer...and she LOVES that!! it is really funny, because when we started putting things on her tray it looked like a game of hungry, hungry hippos....her hands attacking the puff, only pushing it away with her fingers. so funny!

the next couple of weeks are going to be busy, birthday month is coming and i need to get prepared....and start thinking of all the things i need to gather together for our little adventure. it's time to make some more lists! oh boy! wish me luck. anyway, i hope everyone had a great valentines day. we did! i just love my honey's practicality and love....he got me a book light for my kindle (so i don't have to look like a miner at night) and a movie that i was never able to see at the theaters (hope it is good). thank you sweetie. i love you so much!! i love all my funny little valentines!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


naptime....sweet sleeper!!!

i'm up ;-)

coach papooh and his girl!

today after a little latte stop, it was time to take miss lainey to school. since it was a little out of the way, i think it may have confused her. she proceeds to tell me that we are going the wrong way (we were just going a different way) so i asked her how we should go...."we need to go back there, then back, then turn. that is the easiest way." sounds simple enough to me! it made me laugh. i love kid directions. i wish she could have given them to the two people from craigslist that stood us up. i recently posted a few items on craigslist to help buy our girls a swing set this spring. i responded to the first person and we agreed to meet at a store at 3:30....we all loaded up in the car, and waited and waited until i called him asking if he was still coming. his response "never mind," and hung up. okay! then alan spoke with the next person who said he would come by that evening, but it wouldn't be until after the superbowl, but because it would be so late they decided that the next day would be he said that he would call the next evening. the next evening, no phone call....and no response after alan called. why are people so inconsiderate? if you don't want it, no big deal, really! but to stand someone up, or not to respond...not cool. i was so irritated yesterday i could scream. luckily the third time was the charm. done!!

oh, and kylee just finished up basketball this past weekend. she had a good time. and it was fun to watch....they really showed improvement over the weeks that they played and made a few friends too. thanks dad for being willing to coach. kylee has already asked if you are going to coach again next time. we may have to do a little practicing this summer ;-) when lainey saw the trophies being pulled out of the boxes she announced that she wanted to play next year so she could get a trophy too....i think she should just borrow kylee's! i guess we'll see!

and sweet mya, i just couldn't resist sneaking up on her during her nap. i have loved watching each one of the girls sleep. too bad the camera wakes them up ;-) when i was putting her to bed the other night she was wide awake, not wanting to go to bed, she leans in for a big open mouth baby kiss. so sweet...even if it turned into a game of sorts....getting out of going to bed! she kept turning her head away, then turn back to find my lips and give me a kiss, over and over again. the next morning alan is making his good bye rounds when he comes to her...he leans down to give her a kiss and she gives him one back! this causes excitement from everyone, so everyone lines up to get a kiss from miss mya...kylee first, she gets one, then lainey, she gets one....then me...NOPE! what the heck? can you tell i was a little disappointed? i guess i will have to wait until she doesn't want to go to bed at night! little stinker ;-)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

snow days...snow days

starting the valentines month off right with a little sweetheart hot chocolate (soy of course)...strawberry marshmallows are actually pretty awesome in chocolate! not to mention, they look kinda pretty!!
playing parachute with the blanket...

my little poser.....and her sister!

you never know what face your going to get! when she was just a few months old i took a series of pictures of her making so many different expressions (i think i even blogged about it)....still to this day she will have a different look in five frames...our funny valentine!

it looks like we will be adding a few extra days to the school year....oh boy! this winter is starting to remind me of last year. i'm not even sure we have had one full week of school yet since christmas break.....geesh! so yesterday was a fun day, playing, watching movies and drinking hot chocolate, but home schooling day. you can call us mean, but they need to put there little brains to work.....then they can kill a few brain cells watching bye bye birdie and yes, that movie was my suggestion....checked it out from the library on monday (anticipating snow days...because i am actually a little tired of watching star wars)...needless to say it was a huge hit. kylee was actually moaning and groaning about having to watch it (like i was twisting her arm or something), then in the midst of watching it she stopped to thank me because she really liked it. go figure!

you would think that snow days would be a good time to clean, but not in my house...what is the point really. there is a trail that follows each kid. i wish kids understood that their little lives would be so much easier if they would just pick up after themselves before moving on to the next task. why can't they figure this out?? i don't like having to tell them over and over again, but i am not going to pick it up either. that is why weekend cleaning is better...they go back to school after it is clean...ha! well, maybe not in the winter ;-)

i think being cooped up indoors has helped mya finally get back on track...just in time to mess her up again when we go on our trip that has a four hour time difference. we think she has also started to do a wave of sorts. when she sees you across the room and you say "hi" she moves her arm up and down and waves her fingers towards herself. it's pretty cute! she's getting so big...they all are...but don't i always say this??