Monday, November 14, 2011

this one cracks me up....let's pick on the little one! so fun ;-)

i feel as though i have been in constant prayer the past few months (yesterdays sermon was quite fitting). one of the things i have been persistently praying for (and i will until the day i die) is the girls relationship with the Lord. every morning i can, i have been getting up before everyone else so i can have my one on one time with God. some mornings are easier than others, but when i am up i get excited. i love that time. i love God's word. i love that he meets me where i am at and he speaks to me! all of that joy and excitement have really been stirring in me...which brings me back to the girls. i want to badly for them to one day really realize how great and amazing God is. i want them to experience what i experience every time i sit down and read my bible or pray. he is peace, he is love, he is everything great. it is so true, that when you believe you want to share with others God's good news. i have been a believer for a long time, but right now he is so alive in my life. i want to badly to share that with the girls. something i have really realized is that i am not very good at sharing it with my words...i wish that i was, so i need to share it with my actions. i already know that my actions speak louder than my words most of the time. i look at mya....she is 17mo old and not talking (well, she says "hi" and "dadda"...everything else is "da"), but she knows what is going on. she is watching. she is a little mimic who does everything i do. she cleans, pretends to floss (and use mouthwash), she stretches before we run (even though she is in the stroller...not actually the one running), she paints, she scrubs the toilets. she see's what i am doing. she's not the only one. some of the things that come out of kylee's and alaina's mouth i am like, "whoa, they sound just like me...yikes!" if that doesn't make me stop and reevaluate my actions than i don't know what else would.

not to use this as an excuse, but i am human and i am not very good at slowing down my tongue, or controlling the looks on my face, or my selfish attitude. i want our girls to see God's love in me. i want to be more humble, gentle and patient. i want them to know how much i love God, how much i trust him, how much i want to obey amazingly good He is, how much he loves them, how much he wants to be the center of their world. i could go on and on...because God's love is is so wide and long and high and deep, that we will never fully understand, but....we can experience it. an man do i want them to. i want that with every fiber in my being. so each morning....i just pray ;-)

okay....status update (since it has been forever since i have blogged)....

kylee: growing up! as i walked to her classroom for her halloween party i became overwhelmed with the fact that we have a third grader. i remember third grade so well. it just feels like she is climbing up that hill getting closer to puberty (which freaks me out a little....not going to worry, just pray ;-)), she's not a baby anymore. things are just changing...the way she talks and acts, friendships. one thing is for sure, she is still a big tender heart! we are still working on school challenges, but we will get there. she is a smart kid, we just have to keep it focused in the right direction ;-)

alaina: she's not a baby either :-( she seems to enjoy school, but i think she likes coming home in the middle of the day. she is already starting to read...which is so fun to see. i wish i would have blogged earlier because she has said some of the darnedest things lately. i love how funny she is without trying to be funny. the other night we were driving home at night and she asked why the high school wasn't asleep (because there were still lights on). it was much funnier in person!

mya: oh boy! where to start? she is such a funny little thing. like i said earlier, not talking....still only has a few teeth, but man does she have personality. she is still attached to mommy. if anyone even looks like they are going to come near me, she starts, "you can't have her, she's mine! i love her dearly, but she really is a little stinker!! there are so many things i want to write about her, but of course as i sit down to write this...i forget them all...darn it!

i have so much to be thankful for. i wanted to participate in the facebook "thankful for thirty days" or whatever it's called, but i knew i would be a big, i will just sum it up here! i am first and foremost thankful for my God. so very thankful that he loves me, that he is here with me always, takes care of me, provides for me, listens to me, holds me, knows me (and still loves me).....and i don't deserve it, not one bit, but boy am i thankful. i am thankful for His word and how it comes alive. i am thankful for the fire that is burning inside of me, for the desire He gives me to seek him everyday and in all things! i am so thankful for my husband who loves me no matter what, who provides for our family, who helps me with projects around the house (even though i know he doesn't want to do them), for our kids who bring so much life and laughter and joy (and tears and frustration....we love you, we love day you will understand) to our lives. you girls make life so much more colorful! though i do love black and white, i have learned that color is better ;-) i am so, so thankful for our families...what would we do without you?! for my friends, near and far...i am so thankful for what you bring to my life. for the roof over our heads and the food on the table...and the clothes on our backs i am grateful. so many things....maybe i should have participated on facebook? here in a few hours i may be thankful for starbucks ;-) i hope everyone out there has a wonderful thanksgiving filled with the Lord's many blessings!