Wednesday, April 22, 2009

weeeee're back....for only a moment i am sure.  i cannot seem to keep up anymore.  honestly,  i think it has been because life has just been challenging...not bad, just challenging.  keeping up, realigning priorities, then going through the motions can be tiresome.  does that make any sense?  my women's bible study is reading a book called "the lies women believe," by nancy demoss.  great book....a few controversial things, but all in all it has been very thought provoking. i really struggled with a few chapters, but they are the kind of struggles that help you grow and change.  i can't say enough wonderful things about our bible study (and small group).  i thoroughly love these women.  walking with them in fellowship and growing with them in the Lord is so awesome.  i have not experienced something like this in such a very long time.  in fact, one of the reasons i am even posting is because several of the ladies gave me such encouragement the other night.  this blog, though very neglected, has been such an outlet for me.  not only that, but a way to record what is going on in the girls lives.  i tend to forget the sweet things in life when things are busy, or challenging.  this allows me time to look back, reflect on the blessings...and the trials sometimes that God has given or allowed.  yesterday, was a wonderful day for that.  

the weather...oh, the beautiful weather!  i took major advantage of it yesterday.  i decided that it was high time i took care of some much needed yard work.  alaina had school in the morning, so kylee and i headed off to the store to buy mulch, soil and herbs, etc.  then we came back and went to work.  i trimmed the bushes and kylee helped me pick up:)  she laughed at me every time i ripped the lawn bag...especially when it literally split in two at the end of the driveway (those darn cheap walmart bags).  we then cleaned up and i took her to school.  after eating lunch, i picked alaina up and came home to plant the herbs.  we put on all the gardening garb and she went to work digging away (really just throwing dirt all over the every direction).  i have to tell you, i am not one who is good at caring for plants and things of that nature, but after last years success with my basil i decided to branch out a little.  i bought thyme, basil, rosemary and dill...even a few tomato plants.  mind you, i have never really had anyone show me how to do this, so it has all been done by trial and error.  i had so much darn fun.  i thoroughly enjoyed digging in the dirt and planting things that i hope will grow and flourish.  while i was doing this, i was just so joyful.  i seriously felt filled with the holy spirit!  while i was digging and getting all dirty i was just overwhelmed by God's presence, for these living things that will grow to be so much more than what they are right now.  to be able to use them to season things, to make them better than before.  what was even better was that it was an opportunity to share with alaina that God created these plants and that he cares for them...and if he cares so much for these plants than how much more he cares for us (matthew 6:30).  whether or not she heard me or not is entirely up in the air, but i am still grateful for the opportunity to attempt to plant a seed.  i am just so thankful for where i am in my spiritual journey.  i am so thankful for the fellowship i have with other believers.  i am realizing more and more each day that this walk is not meant to be walked alone, but together!  

speaking of doing things together....i cannot leave out my husband.  when he came home yesterday, i think he was so surprised by what i had done, he decided to through on his yard gear and help me out.  we finished after dinner and i was completely wiped.  i think my eyeballs were staring at the inside of my eyelids at 9:00?  a couple hours later though, kylee was up getting ready to go to school....she was sleep walking again.  alan said that late last night she got up, went down stairs, cried a little bit (because she was out of sorts), then went and put on alaina's back pack, then was ready to go to the garage to leave.  poor kid, it's becoming a little more frequent....though it is hilarious!

...sorry for the long post....guess i had to make up for lost time:)