Thursday, June 29, 2006

by mercer mayer

every day we read one of these mercer mayer books. kylee loves them (i do too.) we obviously read them a lot because today as i was reading kylee started reading it word for word....well, she was just reciting it, but none the less she had memorized the whole entire thing. amazing! i was so blown away by what i was hearing. it was so fun. all i had to do is say the first word and then she took off with the rest. i think she really was enjoying the fact that i was so taken back because later in the evening she brought it to me again and started reading it with a big grin on her face, doing this silly little, "aren't you proud of me." yes my little darling, i am so very proud of you.


sweets for the sweet. popsicles in the summer time are so good. they drip all over the place and make things extra sticky, what fun! it was such a beautiful day i just had to be outside (no sense in sleeping it away, even if i was up all night working), i had to bribe kylee with a popsicle in order to get her to stay out there with me. i just love sharing these times with her. she doesn't get a whole lot of just mommy and me time anymore. and the typical response in our house right now is, "in a minute," or "you'll have to wait." not in this moment, just you and me kid!

Monday, June 26, 2006

okay.... most of you out there have heard me say that "i would one day like to start my own photography business." well, i think that day is coming soon. can i just tell you how excited and nervous i am. a year ago i didn't have the confidence to even think this could be possible, nor was i good enough to do it. God has really worked in me and has paved the way for this to happen and i am going to seize it. i believe he has given me this gift and desire for a reason. so, that brings me to the picture above....i need feedback. i need to get my name out there and i was thinking that this would be a good way to start....via business card. this is the layout i have put together and i am wanting everyone's opinion. i still have a while before things are officially started, but this is just one of the things that needs to get done. so, please let me know what you think.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


we got the "gaggles." (but now they are "goggles") she actually looks like a little fish. alaina liked them so much she thought she would try them out to.....well, when i making dinner i turned around and saw that kylee had laid them over her eyes (then alan came in and really put them on her). i can't believe she didn't mind. i just love my little fishes:)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


a blue treat on father's day....yummy! this blue dye did not only dye her tongue, it coated her intestinal wall. it freaked me out two days later when i was helping kylee to the bathroom.....gross!!!! anyway, 'miss thing' started swimming lessons this week and it is oh so funny. she is so enthusiastic and eager....not to mention a little chatty cathy to everyone in her class. tomorrow we are going to get her some "gaggles."

ouch! poor baby! today we made a trip to the mall to have alaina's ears pierced. she was all smiles when we got there, but in five minutes the whole entire mall could hear her screams. (so high pitched.) i felt horrible, but then i remind myself that she will never remember the pain...thank goodness.

she is getting so big, all smiles and spit up! this little thing spits up more than she eats, i don't know how she is gaining any weight. she laughed for the first time yesterday, it was so cute.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

happy fathers day!

there is nothing better than a fathers love for his daughters. the strength of his arms, the gentle touch of his hand....and the sweetest kisses! thank you alan for being the best father to our girls. watching you with them brings warmth to my heart and a smile to my face.....they adore you. you mean more to them than you will ever know. i love you.

thank you dad for loving me all my life, for sharing with me your heart. i carry you with me always. i love you.

dad (bruce), thank you for loving me like your very own daughter. being loved by you has been such a special gift. i love you.

how lucky i am to have been loved by three special men, my husband, my dad and my father-in-law. all great men, all great fathers, and grandfathers (except alan ;)). i hope you have a great fathers all you great dad's out there!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

found it!

she finally found it! her hand has been in her mouth for a month now, but she finally figured it out. i know that thumb sucking is not good for her teeth and that it will cost us a small fortune in orthodontics, but man it makes for a happy baby!

welcome to the "my little pony" corral! they are actually having a pizza party. one pony calls and orders the pizza (pepperoni pizza i might add), another pony delivers it and if the delivery pony is not invited in for a slice she goes and pouts....what fun! alaina even joined in this time. she's the pony's hair stylist (kylee wasn't thrilled about that..."she'll get it dirty," boy does that bring back memories.) do you like how all the pony's are lined up just perfectly....always.

how can such a simple thing be so much fun...for the kids and the dog!
"mom, why do i have to wear this silly hat?" because it is so darn cute that's why! she just loves being outside with us (while kylee splashes away in the pool). she has her own little tent that she sits in......the tent is awesome. it would be a lot neater if i could figure out how to get the darn thing back into the compact size it originated from when we're done with it!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

my favorite girls in pink....this wasn't even planned. aunt 'd' came over to watch the girls so i could run a few errands (what a great birthday present, thanks 'd') and it took a few minutes to realize that they were all wearing pink....kylee and donna were even wearing there holy jeans. i love this picture. kylee, such a ham! alaina, just chillin'.

thanks to my little alaina i am finally able to go back to the gym. she is no longer going to bed at 9:30 - 10:00pm, but 8:00!!! (and sleeping until 6:30 - 7:00 am). how amazing is that, i am so grateful. now i can get ripped like 'lou' here.....yeah right!!! i have to say it felt awesome to finally get back to the gym....even though i'm a little sore right now. i am hoping to get there at least three times a week (we'll see how that goes.) i need that time badly, it's my quiet time, my time to focus, and time to get endorphines flying all over the place, it allows me to think so much clearer. yeah for 24 hour fitness!!!! thank you alaina, and alan too for allowing me that time.

"i pitty the fool who has my doo!" alan thinks alaina's new hair line looks like mr. t's haircut. i'm not sure, i was thinking ring around the head (you know the old 'wisk' commercials...."ring around the collar.") it's really pretty funny, at least we think so, she may not one of these days, especially if she sees this. sorry alaina, mommy couldn't resist!