Thursday, April 14, 2011

spring randomness

it is quiet in my house and i am unable to sleep before work tonight...probably because my brain is buzzing...and the wind is banging the crap out of my blinds....anyway. i have been reading a book by one of my favorite authors, it is one out of an endless series (which i love) and i can obviously tell that the theme is "moving on....leaving" which makes sense since the title of the book is "Leaving"...duh! anyway, it reminded me of a children's book that she also wrote titled "let me hold you longer" (which by the way is a tear mom's if you need a good cry, read this. i can NEVER finish the darn thing. whenever the kids bring it to me to read alan just laughs because he knows he will have to finish it). it talks about holding on to those precious "lasts." you know last t-ball game, last dance recital...that kind of thing. well, it got me thinking and now my brain won't shut off. last night was kindergarten round up for alaina. this was the first year that they actually had the kids come with the parents so they could meet the teachers and see the classrooms, while the parents stayed in one room to listen to a few speakers and fill out paperwork. it really hit me hard when she got up to and ran to where the teachers were standing. she is going to kindergarten (it's a good thing alan didn't see my glistening eyes because he was making fun of all the moms who were already crying). i know i just said something about this, and i said something a while back about kylee, but it is hard. it's a new season and a last. her last day of preschool is in just a few weeks. i am not sure how to explain it...but in this season of my life (a mom of small children) is busy and things that are hard seem like they will last forever. like kylee learning how to read.....whoah...i thought that teaching her how to do that would last forever (and it was not fun), but it past and it became a "last" time of us having to help her how to read....and how i didn't stop and recognize that. i guess what i am saying is that i want to slow down and recognize those times...stamp them on my brain so i will remember for as long as i can. mya is speeding through some of her lasts.....and for me those will be the very last because we are not having anymore kids. alan, just wait for kindergarten round up for mya....i will just plan on bringing my box of kleenex! i am not ashamed!!

on another note.....spring is here and feels oh so good. have i mentioned how much mya likes it? she absolutely loves it outside. i cannot wait for our fence to be put in so we can finally get a swing set. i think i may be more excited than the girls.

a couple more things about mya that i want to get down before i forget....
*i don't dare change her diaper before she eats in the morning (she freaks out...for the life of me, i don't understand why she would want to lay there in saturated
*if you take something away from her that she is playing out, the back is
arched, the head into the floor and the screaming begins (isn't it a little early for
*she absolutely loves taking walks.
*loves, loves, loves food....she really likes broccoli, which i think is pretty awesome!
*she is officially on the move (except when she is wearing dresses...they frustrate the crud
out of her because she trips up on them.

miss kylee had her first father/daughter dance the other night. kylee didn't want to go because she didn't want to wear a dress. but sure enough, once she put it on her eyes lit up and she was ready to go. she looked lovely! her daddy looked pretty good himself!

oh, and little lou is becoming a pro at doing her own hair ;-) lainey has really been into hot dogs too, so the other day i told her she was going to turn into a hot dog if she kept it up. she told me, "no, i'll just have hot brain!" (i guess that is the opposite of brain freeze??) what a goof! as always she makes me laugh!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

:::10 months:::

i swear there is just not enough time in the day....but if there was i would probably fill it with more stuff i "have to do." well, i am taking a minute tonight to talk about my sweetie pie. the last few months have been busy and exciting for our miss my my. up until a few days ago i referred to her as my little "slug." she had no desire to move anywhere on her own...she would rather us pick her up or bring things to her. but now she has discovered that it is fun to move around a bit. the weather is warming up....finally, and she is a happy camper. she likes to have bare feet and legs. she also likes to eat....everything! it has been so long between kids that i forgot what i could start feeding her when she turned nine months and will NO teeth. we were told not to hold we haven't. spaghetti, chicken, eggs, strawberries, avocados, rice.......even broccoli....she really likes it! she is so funny. it is so fun to see her little personality start to shine. she is strong like kylee and ornery like alaina. boy are we in for it! so worth it! she is amazing and i love her so much. even though she doesn't really like to laugh her scrunched smile warms my heart and makes me laugh. my dearest darling mya, i love you so very are AWESOME!!!!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

too long

all i have wanted to do since we got back from our trip was to blog about it. so much has happened these past few weeks...i didn't want to miss anything. well, i guarantee i will forget or have forgotten all that i wanted to say. darn it!!!

i guess i'll start with our trip. it was wonderful, but how could hawaii not be wonderful? ten minutes before we left for the airport we got a phone call from papa telling us that there was huge earthquake in japan and a tsunami was on it's way...but that we should still plan on coming. uh...what.....o...k! thank goodness everything turned out just fine. and that little baby of ours that we were so worried about taking on a plane for so long....AMAZING! miss mya was delightful. thank you everyone who prayed for us. we truly felt them. i just think she loved the all the extra attention she was getting from everyone on the plane. she was eating it up.

well we got there unscathed! the first couple of days for poor kylee were a little rough....from being visited by a water bug (which was almost 2 in long) while going to the bathroom, sunburn cheeks...aloe vera in the eyes, then a bee sting to boot! poor baby. fortunately things started looking up and she never looked back. we all were taken back by mya. she was the happiest baby ever. what's not to clothes, warm sun, soothing water, family all around me and mommy ALL the time...oh, and PUFFS! i wasn't sure we would be bringing back a baby to kansas, rather a gerber puff!

we celebrated alaina's fifth birthday while we were there! we started the day with with breakfast in papa and ohie's bed...seeing as how the girls never stayed in our condo! then instead of beach time (because the girls faces got a little too much sun) we went and played miniature golf (lainey called it "nature golf") and jumped on the big trampoline. her birthday cake had to be improvised a bit. it was a pineapple upside down cake that was was oh so yummy! we even saw a hula show....that kylee and alaina were the stars of.

one morning all the girls were swimming in the pool with ohie. mya was in her little raft and was not too happy. there was a group of older gals doing water aerobics in the pool watching her. ohie starting singing her favorite song, "you are my sunshine" so she would quiet down. well, the song seemed to get every ones attention...all the women started singing "you are my sunshine" to her....even the man floating in the deep end joined in. it was so cute!

i hate that so much time has passed...i am forgetting all the funny little stories. oh, i just remembered one! on our way to the airport alaina rode with papa and ohie, while the other two rode with alan and i. i guess someone cut off bruce while driving and he almost said something not so nice....when alaina chimed in and said, "my daddy says bad words when people do that."
o: "oh he does?"
a: "he says ass...uh.....hhhh.....ol...e."
o: "i bet your mommy gets mad at daddy when he says that."
a: "nope, she says them too....she says"
phew! it was a good thing she didn't remember something i said on a bad day in the car.

i guess if another story comes to mind i will have to add it to this. i know they are in my brain's just late and i need to go to bed.

Friday, April 01, 2011

::5:: a little late

you are five! you will be going to kindergarten in the will probably lose a tooth or will learn to read.....sob, sob!!! my darling lainey, you are growing up. what am i to do? you girls make a sandwich and you are the turkey in the middle. but not just any turkey...the sweetest! you are as cute as a button and are so darn funny. you don't even have to try. you are smart, cute, funny, gentle...and very clumsy! seriously, you have run in to so many walls and fallen off many chairs. you don't like to pay are just off. you don't like to clean your room...or any room for that matter. i will tell you to pick up your room and when i come back there is even more stuff out because you found more things to play with along the way (your daddy says that i do this....i don't know what he is talking about. wink, wink!!) you love to play with your barbies and dolls. and you still love to put things in a bag!! you have been like that since you learned to walk. you are so unique and special, i could just eat you up. you brighten my day with your sweet smile and gentle hugs and kisses. i love you sweet little turkey in the middle!!