Monday, February 15, 2010

i am trying to update the blog while watching the ku game...we'll see how this goes. i am sure that blogging will win out, since the need to write a little feels more important. well, the last time i posted i was constantly in tears...well, they have dried up (but did i mention i even cried at parent teacher conferences that embarrassing!!!) we survived the 25 hours of eating organic, another treatment with dr. hall...however that weekend kylee got a nasty cough and drainage from her ears (thank goodness for those tubes...otherwise we would have had a major ear infection on our hands). needless to say she didn't feel very good. BUT.....and let me emphasis the BUT, we noticed that she was only coughing to cough up the nasty crud that was in her lungs...not every two minutes. we went back to see dr. hall on tuesday and by then her cough had subsided even more. now i can say that she is not coughing at all!!! praise God! seriously!!!! as far as treatments go we have moved passed the allergy testing for now and have moved on to the emotional stuff (which is affecting her sinuses....her snort...which has improved too). it really is a beautiful thing to see god working right before your eyes...and not necessarily through the hands of a man in a white coat!

kylee is still struggling a little with the diet...i am not sure she fully understands, nor do i expect her to. she tears up quickly when she finds out she can't have certain things. i think it has helped that we are all eating very differently...alan is scavenging the cupboards to find snack foods;-) i do have to say that i found a recipe online for sesame chicken (like the kind you get at a chinese restaurant)...holy cow! it was amazing...alan even said that it was one of the best dinners i have ever made. even better, it is gluten free and dairy free...whoo hoo!!

little miss alaina has also started treatment with doctor hall for her pigeon toed walk. she was so excited to show me what she has to do at home....plie' over and over again. it's really funny watching her do them because for her to just get into position is hilarious...then she does about 10 of them in about two seconds. it reminded me of the i love lucy episode when lucy takes lessons from a ballet instructor.

unfortunately, today was not a good day for alaina. all weekend she just hadn't been herself and i could tell that she was getting a cold. in anticipation of this i even went to the grocery store at 6am this morning so we could just stay home all day. well, that lasted until 8:30 when she told me her ear was hurting. i didn't even skip a beat, i told the kids to get their shoes on and we were on our way to the doctor...thank goodness for our pediatricians sick clinic....and the fact that i already had taken a shower this morning!! sure enough, once we got in the car the pain set in and she cried the entire way there...and in the doctors office...and in target while filling her prescription...until i had a bright idea....."lets go look at toys!" we made it home, had lunch and a nap and then more motrin. all is good right now, we'll just wait and see how things are at two in the morning! have a good night everyone.....i'll be up for a while, baby is doing olympic sized flips in my belly.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


i know every woman on the planet has had one of those days where you just tear up at every little thing you start to think about. well, today (it actually started last night) is one of those days. yesterday, kylee had her first appointment with the chiropractor...and it went well...i think. he did something that removed all of the food poisons out of her body...and wanted her to remain somewhat "food poison free" for the next 25 hours (what that means in a sense is that he removed a screen, which will hopefully help him go a little deeper to figure out what is causing the problems...does that make sense?? he is taking the puzzle apart so he can put it back together...) which meant we had to go to the store (AGAIN) afterwards to buy ALL "organic" foods. it was already past dinner time and now i had to go the the store and find not only organic food, but dairy free and gluten free foods...and with two hungry kids in tow....need i say more. so, we grab a few things that i think she could eat for the next day or so, get to the car and remembered that i forgot to buy free range chicken to actually cook for dinner (along with organic veggies). i was not going to go back so i decided that kylee would have an organic peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner and the rest of us would have the chicken i had already set out.

we are driving home and i completely loose it, i mean loose it.....tears streaming down my face (i didn't mean too, but i think i scared the crap out of the girls....there was nothing but silence the entire way home)! some may think, well, it's not that bad....and really, it's not, but our plate is just so full of "stuff" right now....and this thing with kylee has been ongoing for two and a half years now....oh, did i remind everyone that i am pregnant!!!! hormones.....not helping;-) but during the drive home, something interesting occurred to me. satan would love nothing better than to get me (us) down, but something i don't think he understands....because he really is a stupid jerk (sorry for being so blunt, but he is), is that instead of pushing me down, he pushes me into the arms of my Father who loves me, my Father who is in control (because I AM NOT!), a Father who cares more about kylee than i ever could.....a Father who wants to be and will be glorified in all of this!!! the chiropractor called (i will be calling him dr. hall from now on) last night....(i even cried to him...what a dork), he gave me a verse to read, Jeremiah 32:27, "I AM the Lord, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything to hard for me?" No, there is not and i am going to remember that, i have to.

after dropping lainey off at school today i came home to do a couple of things and then go back to the store and get the stinking free range chicken so we can have an organic dinner tonight...but as usual i had to stop and check my email. after reading one thing, i was set off again....lost it! that stupid jerk is still trying...but instead of believing his lies i cried...i cried out to my God. i think i sat in my rocking chair for an hour and cried, cried out and prayed for everything i could think of. it was actually really nice to be at home all alone and have the time to do that. i think i've been needing that for a while. every woman needs a good cry!! even as i am writing there are tears in my eyes....damn hormones!

i want all of you to know that i am not writing this for anyone to feel sorry for me, maybe to pray for us, but not feel sorry for us. i am writing because i don't want to forget times like i can remember God at work!

Monday, February 01, 2010

:half way there:

19 weeks....last week
self portrait
chocolate goatee anyone?

it's time to take a minute...put the darn cookies away and spend a little time in "blog world." i have actually wanted to sit down and write for quite sometime, but haven't devoted any time to it...obviously! i am officially twenty weeks along today with our third girl! go team girls!!! oh sweet alan, how the lord will bless you...i know he will;-) my thoughts these days are so wrapped up in this new little girl. i love being pregnant...especially at this point. i am not too big (except for my darn boobs...they won't stop growing...they are bigger than my belly!!! yikes!) to be uncomfortable and i can feel her moving inside! i LOVE that! it really is one of the coolest things i believe a women gets to experience. knowing what god has created, and knowing that she is growing and moving inside of your body....holy cow, it's so amazing. i am already noticing certain times when she likes to wake up and wiggle around...she really goes crazy after i eat a chocolate chip cookie (give her 10 min and she is rolling around). the girls and i have been going through names and for the life of me i can't settle on one. i know, so many people like to wait until they are born, but i want a name for this i can stop calling her "baby." she needs a name. so far our list contains McKenna, Corrina, Mya and Annalise (lainey really liked this one because it is the name of a princess in some barbie movie)....opinions welcome....if anyone is even reading this thing anymore (that's okay if nobody is, i feel that is more of a journal of sorts for myself and the girls). keep praying for this sweet girl, that she would grow strong and healthy and be a blessing to the Lord.

as for the the big sisters....sweet kylee has had a trying year so far. with school (social issues...why do girls have to be so mean...and so early on too???) and her coughing and snorting is back with a vengeance. the doctor would like to perform another surgery, placing a valve in her sinus so it would continue to drain (the same sinus we had surgery on is completely full again). however, after three surgeries and many, many antibiotics we don't feel that another surgery is the right thing to do. we met with a chiropractor who specializes in emotional stress, nutritional deficiency, allergy sensitivities, body alignment, etc. he was highly recommended by friends of ours. we met with him last week for a consultation and i really feel God calling us in this direction now. her first appointment is tomorrow. we have already started something that he highly suggested...and that is eating for our blood type (which for kylee it means no red meat, no dairy, no wheat and so on). so far it has been a bit of a challenge, but i am still researching and learning what we can and can't have....and as soon as this last gallon of milk is out of the house i will join her (since we have the same blood type)....the day before the appointment i had bought three gallons of milk...we like our milk;-) so if you think about it, pray for kylee to help her adjust and along with her treatments that God would heal her body and put it into working order (which i know he fully intends to do). also, pray for me, for wisdom in how to do this and not make it miserable for everyone in the process! pray for my rice bread that is in the bread machine right now;-)

last, but not least little miss lainey....not a lot of drama on her end...unless she is dressing up! she is just baring with all of us. she likes school, but would rather be at home with me. i'm not sure what she is going to think of four day a week school next year? one thing i hope does not change any time soon are her naps! she still takes a 1 1/2 hour to 2 hour naps almost every day. please say they will still take place for another year....but that is probably just wishful thinking??? but if she doesn't want to i really don't care, she is the sweetest little thing...who wouldn't want to spend the afternoon with her?