Sunday, September 13, 2009

did you know....that candy + corn on the cob equals "corn on the candy?" that is what miss alaina thinks it is called. it makes me giggle just saying it. who knew. i think we should officially change the name. i like it better. i can tell you this for sure....candy corn, will never be known as "candy corn," in this house, but will forever remain, "corn on the candy." and i know, it's only september, but i just couldn't resist....i love the stuff. not to mention it makes it feel a little more like fall. and i simply LOVE fall.

Friday, September 11, 2009

all in a days work

simply amazing....she has finally learned to ride her bike...not only with training wheels, but without!! we are so proud of her. a girl who couldn't exactly figure out the tricycle, from getting extremely frustrated when trying to push the pedals on a bike, to riding her bike without training wheels (and fast at that) in one day. so awesome. now she is a little speed demon...on a bike that she has really outgrown already. looks like we know what santa is bringing this year:)

now lainey on the other hand has been buzzing around on the tricycle for a while now (she has actually outgrown that). so we decided that it was time for a bike as well. she already wants her training wheels. though i don't think she is quite ready i can tell you that it won't be long. she is zooming around pretty fast on hers as well. it really is fun watching them enjoy the simple pleasure of riding there bikes. i lived on mine...that is after i learned how to ride (ask my dad about that story...that was a fun you dad). i guess we'll be in our driveway until the first freeze. i actually want one of my own we can all ride together...soon, very soon.

Monday, September 07, 2009

beauty school drop out strikes again

poor, poor bella. she has really had a week. i came downstairs to "quiet." so when i asked what alaina was doing she said she was playing with bella. as i peek around the corner i see clumps of dog hair all over the kitchen floor, along with a pair of scissors sitting right next to her. when i asked her what she did her reply was, "i just wanted to make her pretty." well, i can honestly say that she did not make her look pretty, she made her look like a goofball. she cut chunks of hair directly on top of her head....and a chunk in the back. i think she was afraid of me because i was laughing so hard i was crying (so she couldn't tell i was laughing). i just couldn't help myself...even as i write this i laugh out loud. that girl is super quick and so stinkin' quiet. i can't believe that the dog let her do that to her. however, i think i figured out how she was able to do it....later that day she asked if she could use her pretend scissors to cut bella's hair (she is no longer aloud to use scissors without supervision....not like she wasn't suppossed to in the first place)....i said "sure." the dog actually laid down on her back and let lainey do what ever she wanted to with her. she doesn't even like it when i try to comb her. anyway, i just had to share that funny little story. as alan put it....."beauty school drop out stikes again!"