Sunday, August 31, 2008


i love this little girl.....she makes me smile so!  tomorrow she is starting KDO (kids day out).  she is so excited....."i'm going to school!"  although i think she would rather be in kindergarten with kylee.  she sure speaks well enough!  though she is only two this girl can speak...everyone always asks how old she is because she does not speak like a typical two year old.  how can this be.  our kids are growing up too fast.  this girl, from the moment she was born has been on the move.  she has kept us on our toes that is for sure.  right now she is currently known around here as the "bag lady."  she is constantly walking around the house with her princess high heels on, three bags on her shoulder (filled with STUFF), pushing her grocery cart.....and talking on the phone (always calling the doctor)!  she really is a hoot.  

look for this photo, it will be making it's appearance on my new website soon (spite her naptime hair....i absolutely love this picture)!

Monday, August 18, 2008

big "K"

i can honestly say that i cannot believe that this day has arrived!  today we went to kindergarten.  i just got home from dropping her off.  yep, the mom who doesn't cry when her kids get shots shed tears this afternoon.  i didn't think that i would, and i'm not sure that i am conscious of the reasoning behind it....probably because i am so excited for her.  alan makes so much fun of me because i loved elementary school (he says he sees the brown on my nose).  i know she is so excited too!  all morning it was, "mother, is it time yet?  when can we go?  is it time yet?  i'll get the keys!  is it time yet?"  (yeah, do you like that i used "mother" instead of mom....she no longer calls me mom or mommy, just "mother.") i just hope she has a very fulfilling year, learning new things, making friends and having fun.  kylee you are such a great kid, we love you so much and hope you are having a great day at BIG KINDERGARTNER YOU!