Tuesday, February 21, 2012


it has finally happened! honestly i cannot believe that it has taken this long. miss mya now says "no." at this very moment it is the cutest "no" ever (just picture my foot is in my mouth as i write this). i know that it will not be very cute in a few days. but right now i can't help but giggle quietly with my hand over my mouth so she can't see.

sitting at dinner tonight, kylee was asking her questions when out of the blue she said, "noooooo" (the "o" emphasized) in the sweetest voice. it caught me off guard, i couldn't help but laugh. you know what happened after that???? we kept asking her questions that she would say "no" to. yes, i know that was really dumb, but we couldn't resist. maybe i will repost in a few days and let everyone know if it is still cute ;-)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

it's time to write

look closely at the computer.....

new years resolutions completely down the drain already....awesome! have i blogged, no! have i stopped biting my cuticles....yes, until a week a go (they are not too far gone...yet). arghhhh. honestly though, the past month or so has been just fine, and i am sure i have had plenty to blog about, but i just haven't taken the time to sit down and do it. mainly because when i sit down to blog, i need to SIT DOWN (and focus)...and at the end of the day when i do sit down, i am unable to focus. my brain is mush and i can't seem to remember anything from the day, except that i am tired. maybe i just have adult onset of ADD?? if i don't have a list forget it, and when i do have a list i will end up losing it, or can't remember what i want to put on it....blah, blah, blah! it's an endless cycle...geesh! so how about the weather? hmmmm, actually the weather has been so amazing i barely have words...can you imagine that?

i have looked back at past blogs and see that most of the posts were funny stories of the girls. but now things just seem much more serious and not as funny. sure we have LOADS of funny things happen, but why is it when i want to blog about them, i can't remember...only the serious stuff? or the funny stuff would embarrass my kids so bad that i just can't put it out there for all to hear about....like what mya does when she is in a grocery cart. i can't go into detail because it would scar her for life as it has for me ;-) so i guess i will just start with kid updates and go from there.....

we are on the back stretch of school and everyone seems to be doing well....actually really well. kylee is doing great right now in school. between tutoring (kristen you are awesome), meds and a few things done differently at school (sitting alone for tests) things are really clicking. she is actually enjoying math and we are thrilled! homework time isn't nearly as stressful as it has been...in fact, she even gets it done in the first 15 min of being home. she is even reading more (mainly because she is having trouble falling asleep) and actually enjoying it. so much in fact that is one of the things she wants for her birthday....books! she is just growing up so fast.....they all are.

alaina seems to be doing very well in school. she came home yesterday with a little paper book from school and when i asked her to read it to me she said it wasn't a reading book it was a math booklet. yeah, story problems...in kindergarten! but she knew them. incredible how fast kids pick up stuff....especially tone of voice and attitude! until recently she has been the sweet kid, never talked back or had any "tone" in her voice. but the tide is starting to come in. i honestly think that part of it is a little attention seeking...or just pure frustration. because she is the "middle" she often gets overlooked. i absolutely hate this, but it is a reality. i am just glad we are aware and willing to do something about it. from being a demanding baby, she has become such a independent kid. she makes me laugh everyday! in fact, today while the "little mermaid" (she still loves her princess love stories) was starting she proceeds to tell me, "this is so not real, but the mermaids are!" me: "i am confused." lainey: "mom, mermaids are real you know." me: "oh...okay then." what a cute little goof!

my baby is finally calling me by name...."mama, mama"......all the time! i love it! she is almost 19 mo (almost 20)...and demanding as ever!!! she is all that and a bag of chips. fortunately she is just as cute as cute can be. this morning while i was vacuuming, God gently nudged me to go and check on mya...so i did. i walked into my office (this has become one of her favorite spots) and saw her sitting on top of my desk! this evening alan called me into the office and pointed to my disc drive...asking if it was okay that my compact flash card was sticking out of it. i wish i had a picture of it (and can't believe i didn't see it earlier...i think i was just a little more concerned with her being on top of the desk). she had jammed my compact flash card into the drive....GREAT! i swear i was just around the corner vacuuming for a minute. i am laughing out loud right now because as i look at the picture i took of her on my phone when she was up on the desk....there it is (the flash card), sticking out of the side of my computer. they are so darn quick!