Monday, June 20, 2011

summ 'a' time

man where to start? this summer has been so busy already. i am caught up with a few things, so i thought i would take a little time to reflect....while i enjoy a cookie!

miss mya had a great birthday! fun filled with lots of cake and presents...with all the fam ;-) the morning of her birthday the girls just couldn't wait to give her their, before breakfast they gave her their present and sang happy birthday to her. we have never had a reaction with the other girls like we did with her. she got so excited when she saw her baby doll and then danced when they sang happy birthday to her. it was great! that night after dinner, i took pictures of her as she dived into her very own cupcake. what was better was when she dug into her polka dot birthday cake. she didn't hesitate....she had fun picking off all of the polka dots...then sharing. man i love that girl.

i love ALL my girls! we were sitting in the doctors office the other day for mya's one year appointment when i had a profound moment...imagine that!! sitting next to each other on the exam table were all three i stood there watching them something one of my girlfriends had said to me hit me..."you were so meant to have girls." in that moment as i looked at them i realized that she was right. i was meant to have girls....these three beautiful, sweet, sweet girls!! i always thought that i would have little boys...why, i am not sure. i think that the thought of having girls scared me a little bit. in fact it still scares me. i start to think about how badly i will screw up, how i might scar them, or break there spirit. typical mothers guilt i suppose. but what i have to remember is that God knew what he was doing when he made me their mother. yes, i will screw up....but God has my back. i know the Lord is always with me, i will not be shaken, for He is right beside me (psalm 16:8) i love these girls so much, but God loves them a hundred times more than i am even capable. He has plans for them, and i need to remember that.....and pray like crazy over them. i am not one to brag, but our girls are amazing. precious gifts...that is for sure!!!!

today, i was able to spend the whole day with one of my dearest friends (and her boys). our visits are few and far between, but it is always so great to sit and catch up. i miss having her near. i did love being able to hang out with her three boys today too. they are so precious. her littlest one is just 15 days younger than mya, but doing everything 10 steps ahead. in fact, the last time she was here (which was about three months ago) she brought her little guy with her who was already crawling (mya was not)....but a week later she started crawling. well today mya got a glimpse of what "walking" looks like. so what did she try to do tonight....she tried (took one step) to walk. i have a feeling it will be any day now. i guess she learns by example?? oh, and something else i forgot to mention...two days after her birthday she finally cut her first two teeth. after her bath tonight i noticed that her front two teeth are next in line..they are almost ready to pop through! my baby is getting big. i guess that happens when you turn "one?"

well, i think it is time to close up shop....a storms a brewing....i think the house my blow over (the lightening show is pretty incredible though!)

Thursday, June 09, 2011


where to start?? a minute ago i was praying that God would give us another baby, a second ago you born....and now you are a year old!! last year on this very same day (only it was a thursday) i was going about my day as usual. i had to work that night at the hospital so i laid down to take my nap...only my nap didn't last very long because my water broke (kylee informed me yesterday that "my water bottle broke, then you went to the hospital.") within hours, you became an official member of the Rimbo fam! you completed our family circle! our new home finally felt like home. i have enjoyed every moment with you. your personality is really starting to are so wonderful! you are our last little baby, so it makes me sad that you are already a year old....but instead of being sad, i want to embrace this time. it is just too fun to miss. you are crawling all over the place (very quickly i might add), you are standing all by yourself and walking when holding on to one are so close to doing it on your own, but i am okay with you waiting a little while longer. you love your baby dolls...and you love to EAT! you are almost done breastfeeding....i give it a few more weeks, if that (you are too busy). you are still a good little sleeper. you go to bed at 7:00 and wake up at 7:00. although i think you wake up before then, but you play quietly in your crib until i come and get you. you are still taking a morning and afternoon nap, but i am not sure how much longer we will keep the morning nap...this summer is already so busy. i think you would rather be playing in the pool with your sisters anyway.

miss mya, you are a little ray of sunshine, you do make me happy when skies are grey....and you will never know dear how much i love you!!! you are an answer to my prayers. i love you so much...i am so lucky to be your mommy. i hope you have a wonderful birthday...even if you will never remember this one.....i will. we LOVE you so very much!! xoxo