Saturday, July 19, 2008

it's only 2:37 am

i am sitting here at 2:37 in the morning at work....extremely tired, when i thought, why not blog.  i haven't done it in a while, and for those of you who still check it might like to see a nice picture of the girls.  about the picture...this is one of about three or four pictures that actually turned out.  i am a photographer and i photograph other peoples children all the time, yet when it comes to mine (hmmmm...alaina) it just doesn't seem to work out so well.  no kylee on the other hand is my ham.  it wasn't too long ago that she asked me if i would take pictures of her in a field so she would have them for her kids one day....seriously?  alaina my dear if you ever wonder why you were not in very many pictures (except the ones aunt d takes...for some reason she is the only one who can capture her in any light) it's because you have the worst case of "ants in the pants" i have ever seen...and bribes don't seem to help either.  

i know every mother out there has had there share of "grouchy" days, when all you seem to do is bark at everyone....especially the kids.  well, today was like that for me.  as i was driving to work tonight, i was looking back on the day and i felt my heart just sink to the floor.  i don't think i said one nice thing to my poor kids all day long.  i just barked, nit-picked and nagged.  to top it off, right before i left for work i let lainey know how mad i was that she lost my necklace, then demand that she look for it......have i forgotten that she is just two, man, what a crab!  after being at work for half an hour or so the gals at work tell me that there are two little girls coming up the elevator to see me.  kylee had looked so hard for my necklace after i left and found it.  my dear sweet husband brought both girls up to work so kylee could give it to me.  my heart melted.  i hate days when i am like that, and it seems to be more frequent than not.  so girls, mommy is sorry.  i love you both so matter what.  please forgive me when i am being a big ol' crabby patty!  (alan, thank you for bringing the girls up to see me, it made my night...only 4 1/2 more hours to go). 

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

quick update

most of you knew that this morning kylee had her sinus surgery so i wanted to give everyone a quick update.  she is doing AMAZING!  i can't believe it.  i thought we would have a long day sleeping....nope, not this kid.  the only time she slept was on the ride home from the surgery center.  she didn't close her eyes the entire afternoon.  she only complained a handful of times that her throat and nose hurt, but that was when it was time for more codeine (i think the codeine has the opposite effect on winds her up instead of knocking her out).  her major complaint was hunger.  it started the minute we walked in the door.  i swear, nothing can come between her and food.  so after lots of flavor-ice's, jello and was time for dinner french toast with strawberries and bananas (as i am writing this i just realized that i wasn't supposed to give her anything it can't be mistaken for blood...oops).  anyway, we'll see how she does tonight and tomorrow morning.  thank you everyone for thoughts and prayers they were well heard and felt!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

long awaited

mom, i know that you really didn't like the idea of this picture being public, but this is such a momentous occasion that i just had to.  you are finally back home!  what has it been, ten years? too long i must say.  we are so excited, there are hardly words.  this is going to take some adjusting to.  we're so used to you coming for a week or so and seeing you most of that week....but now you are here for may see a lot of us the first few months.  it may take a while for the girls to understand that you don't have to leave anymore.  except for the occasional worldly excursion:)  anyway, just wanted to tell you how happy we are to have you back.  you may get sick of us!  love you tons!!