Friday, February 29, 2008

"smooshed" cake

preparing for kylee's birthday party tomorrow, i spent almost three hours on this cake.  (thank you grama for the wonderful chocolate frosting recipe.)  i think it turned out pretty cute.  but this evening when i went to pull something of the top shelf of my hand mixer fell smack into the middle of the darn thing....

.....this is what it looks like know.  WHAM!  i am so darn mad, but all i can do is laugh.  that is after saying a few curse words (the kids were in bed.)  so tomorrow a the party it looks like the kids are going to enjoy smooshed cake.  sorry kylee!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

great fun

i just had to write a quick update to say that yes, we are still alive....barely!  i am not kidding when i say that we have had just about every kind of illness pass through our house.  so no pictures this time.  they wouldn't be very pretty.  i cannot wait for spring!!!!!