Monday, April 14, 2008

"alaina bit me"

"alaina bit me and it really hurt!"  i am actually quoting from "charlie that hurt" on youtube...heck maybe that is where she learned it!  the girls absolutely love that clip.  they think it is hilarious.  i love it because i love british accents.  tonight the girls were fighting over something and kylee was pushing her way past alaina and alaina got mad and latched on!  and i mean LATCHED on!  i don't think kylee thought that was so funny.  what is happening to my sweet, innocent little alaina jean?  it was just a few days ago she slapped me in the face after she had gotten in trouble.  she is really testing the waters right now.  a lot earlier than kylee did, but kylee didn't have a big sister to watch and learn from:)  all in all everyone is okay...after time out, apologies and hugs!  i think we just may be entering rougher waters with the little!

Saturday, April 05, 2008


little friends are so fun to have. kylee and alaina have sweet sam and "aggix" (alex). today sam and alex were able to come over and play with us. kylee, the wonderful take charge girl was directing traffic....from one activity to the next (i couldn't even keep up with her) she was a wonderful little hostess/entertainer. lainey on the other hand had a lesson in sharing. whenever she goes over to their house she typically doesn't have a problem, but in her own enviroment it was a bit of a struggle. walking around hoarding everything that was hers...."lainey no share." when alex would pick up something, alaina of course would imediately want that exact same thing. when i told her that she had to share and that it was okay if alex was playing with it she would start this uncontrolable, so sad, cannot breath sobbing. i couldn't help but laugh the first time she did really was pathetic. luckily everything ended on a happy note. it is so funny to see little ones interact with each other.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

tooth fairy

it looks like the tooth fairy will be visiting our house tonight!  what's the going rate these days?our tooth fairy is on a tight budget so we'll see:)  yep, kylee lost her very first tooth.  she was amazing.  it's been loose for a few weeks now, but yesterday i could tell that it would be coming soon.  yesterday, i noticed that it bled a little when she wiggled it.  it totally grossed me out!  and after telling her so that just gave her more initiative to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!  so at lunch today i told her that she should try wiggling it with a wash cloth like i used to do when i was loosing teeth.  she thought that was a great idea...and even better if she could get it out before dad got home.  so for a half and hour or so she wiggled and twisted and pulled when finally it just came out.  what a sport.  i seriously couldn't watch.  why is it that i don't remember it being so gross when i was doing it to myself as a kid, but seeing that tooth just hanging there gave me the heeby jeebies?  i am glad it's over.  now on to the next tooth...the one right next to it is loose too.  we'll see how long that one takes!  way to go kylee.  i am so proud of you.  you were determined and so brave.  you are a rock star!!!!  (i still can't believe that you are even old enough to loose teeth....what the heck?)