Thursday, May 19, 2011




i know this is gross, but for the past few years we have had a bad case of plantar's wart living among us. it actually started with me probably 5-6 years ago. i went from dr. to dr. to get ride of it and it always came back. it was in such an odd place it really bothered me so i was determined to get rid of it. so two years ago, i finally found a dr. that got rid of it. by this time alan already had one. about six months ago (if that) we found one on lainey's foot. the exact same foot and same spot as alan's. they are more alike everyday ;-) anyway, yesterday she had it removed (cut out). the worst part of it is the hurts like a son of a gun!! after laying on top of her and alan holding down her leg...and the screams terrifying the whole office she did great! i have had such a hard time keeping her off of her foot. even today after foot had "woken" up, she has still been all over the place. sweet funny girl. i think she is going to be just fine!!! she sure is doing better than i did!! next it's alan's turn ;-)

miss mya on the other hand is becoming quite the ornary one! let's see if i can remember everything. the other day she was in my closet when i noticed that she was playing against the wall next to the was odd, so when i went in there to see what she was doing, i saw her fiddling around with the electrical outlet!! YIKES!!! great...the one outlet i forgot to put safety covers on. thank goodness she didn't get a finger in there. today i hadn't turned for more than a minute and she was climbing up the stairs. crap!! the other two never went near an electrical outlet, and was never very interested in the least not for a little while longer. she is definitely going to keep me on my toes. i am going to be very said when lainey goes off to kindergarten next year...not only because she is leaving me, but i am also losing an extra set of eyes!!

this week has been such a whirl wind, i hadn't had a chance to post earlier how great it has been to see the sunshine. it was so needed, and i was so grateful. today is a work day (well, tonight anyway), so a little rain is nice!

a side note: at bed time we have been reading about moses and the israelites. it's funny when one of the girls recognizes what we are talking about they get so excited and try to blurt out what they know before i can read or say it. well, we were talking about the israelites wondering in the desert....they weren't going to get to see the land God had promised them. kylee piped up and said, "oh yeah, the land of honey and nuts!" i about fell over. too darn cute. i love it when they say stuff like that. it makes my heart smile. now i just wish i could remember the funny things lainey has said in the last couple of days....i just can't remember them (darn it)!! my very literal girl always says the darndest things. if i remember i will post them.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


i would really love some of this.........

today is just one of those days. i know i shouldn't i am not going to call it's more like crying out to God. i don't think i can take anymore of this weather. my mind and my heart don't want to take it. i almost said "can't," but i know this would be untrue because i CAN do all things through Christ who gives me strength. so Lord, i need strength. i am spent. i have been in a foul mood all weekend....and i am sure others would tell you "before that!" it doesn't help that little miss mya has not been herself either. major fuss bucket. i cannot figure out if she is just tired or she is teething. i don't think it is the later because there is no swelling, no drooling and no chewing. she actually made it to bed at 6:15 tonight! now i am hoping she will just stay asleep ;-) so my prayer tonight is for a fresh new attitude and strength....and a bit of sunshine tomorrow....pretty please. thank you Lord for your many blessings...thank you for letting me come to you when i am weak. love you, amen!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

:::11 mo:::

wow, my baby is 11 months old today!!! has it really been almost a year since we welcomed her into our lives?? unbelievable! she has been such a joyful so many ways. in the last few months she has really blossomed. she has really "popped" out of her shell. she is so happy and so good. she has actually become quite the ham! she just likes to see our reaction. she is crawling and standing up everywhere.....but still no teeth!! they are no where in sight. oh well, she eats just fine without them. tonight for dinner she ate salmon, asparagus (not a huge fan of that) and mashed potatoes. i couldn't keep enough of the salmon and potatoes on her tray. she is quite the little piggy. she was hilarious the other night when alan and i went out for a little sushi. we barely sat down and she started clowning around. alan and i were trying to figure out what we wanted to order when i look over at her....she was downing the bottle of soy sauce!!! good thing she chose the "low sodium" bottle.....geesh! oh, and she would only eat the rice if it was dipped in the soy sauce. i know, not good for her, but she really liked it and i didn't give her very much. later that night after she had gone to bed, i went in to check on her and her room STUNK of soy sauce (it was from her clothes in the hamper). it really was hilarious. we sure got a good laugh!

alaina had her very last day of preschool today! or should i say "graduation"? they all wore there little caps, it was so cute. i just wish she had felt a little better. she just wasn't herself. but this afternoon we were back to normal.

it has been pretty exciting around here the last few weeks. we got a swing set (alan and our very gracious neighbor spend an entire weekend putting it up), a new fence and storm doors. i topped it off by planting flowers and herbs. the girls are having so much fun on the swing set....even mya (she cries when we take her out of the swing). it all looks so nice and it is so nice to have something to do outside....and to be able to let the dog outside without hooking her up to her leash. we are in love.

all my wonderful. this mother's day was so great. we didn't really do anything, just went to church and hung out around the house (played on the swing set.....and i got a nap...then a lovely dinner out). just being with my girls and my guy was so awesome. i am such a lucky lady. i wasn't sure what it would be like having all girls...and sometimes it scares me, but when i look at them and hold them in my arms i just know that this is where God wants me. this is what i have wanted my whole be these girls mommy! they are so wonderful and i am so blessed because of them. they make it mothers day..and they make my day great (mostly crazy....but great just the same)!

with school coming to and end and summer starting the beat down the door...literally....i am ready to start organizing and cleaning out the house. tonight i started with my closet. can i just tell you how much fun i had! it was fun because i pulled out
all of my old jeans (that i have had for 6-7 years)....and they still fit!!!! awesome! too bad i won't ever wear them because they aren't as cool as my new jeans. alan was watching me do this....he looked over at me and asked me if i was having fun, i said, "heck yeah!!! this is great!" now my closet is cleaned out and i have several bags ready for the goodwill. now on to the girls room.....hmmm, maybe i'll wait a little while. that is exhausting. speaking of exhausting...i think it is about time for bed. good night!