Monday, November 09, 2009

over rated

okay...i have a confession. i am the worlds worst tooth fairy...i guess a cheap one to according to some others i have heard about. last night kylee lost another tooth (#7) literally fell out when she was hit in the head with a pillow. it didn't even bleed. anyway, alan reminded me last night to put a dollar in her tooth fairy pillow (we use a pillow that hangs on the is actually the same one that alan used when he was little). as i was walking in my room to go to bed i remembered that i needed to do something, but couldn't i thought nothing of it and went to bed. this morning i when i was getting ready to take my shower (mind you the girls were already awake in their room at 6:15!!!) i remembered what i was supposed to do before going to bed.....uh oh!!!! please note that this is not the first time this has happened....the last time the tooth fairy left the money, but forgot the she had to come back while kylee was in school to come get it (geesh!) so when i get done getting ready i slip a dollar in my pocket and get ready to go get the girls....well, they beat me to it and guess what the first thing out of their mouths were....."the tooth fairy didn't come!! (in distress)" i play dumb....i go to the pillow, as i reach in i pull out the tooth and quickly stick it in my pocket...all the while saying, "i don't feel a tooth in there! look again." then i go over playing dumb yet again and slide a dollar under her pillow while asking her, "did you make your bed?" while she is still looking in the tooth fairy pillow. i told her to go look under her pillow, so she did and what did she find?? she pulled the dollar out and said "i can't believe it!" i said, "that is what the tooth fairy did when i was little, i would put my tooth under my pillow and she would leave money in it's place." she said, "oh yeah, they did that back in the old testament!" seriously!!!! i wanted to fall on the floor....i am not that old honey!!! too freakin' funny if you ask me. oh, and i just remembered as i was writing....guess what is still in my pocket???? i think i need to be fired!