Thursday, June 28, 2007

very scary

face art by "kylee" anyone? couldn't say that i would trust her. hmmmm....can i just say very, very scary....or maybe just freaking hilarious. as soon as i walked into her room and saw this i immediately thought...."blog!" i couldn't control myself, meaning i could not keep a straight face when she said, "look what i did mom!" i busted out laughing. i don't think i knew exactly how to handle the situation when all i could do is laugh while remembering a doll that i once did this exact same thing to. what was even funnier was when alaina woke up and kylee wanted to show it to her, shoving the ugly thing into her face. alaina started crying.....i just laughed again! what do ya do?

(they also have tattoos on their hands and stomach....i keep asking myself where she would have seen something like that before....hmmm.)

Monday, June 25, 2007

new friends

donna just emailed these pictures to me from last week. i just had to pay a tribute to aunt faye's visit. we had so much fun spending time with you.....the girls especially. "magic glasses" anyone? you are such a beautiful women inside and out! the light of the Lord so graciously shines through you.

i can't wait until mom and dad move back so we can get all the aunts and cousins together to have a girls weekend. i sure enjoyed the one we had. we love you very much! kisses and hugs from all us girls!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"groucho mark"

all i need is a cigar! i had my second IPL treatment done on my lip yesterday. yes, i have another wonderful mustache...this time with blisters (they magically appeared this morning.) i love the way kylee is looking at me. she thought the glasses were pretty funny, and the picture even funnier.
another ice cream cone for lainey. it is definitely her dessert of choice. it only took papa all of two seconds to get into town and get this girl an ice cream cone. still hilarious to watch.
breakfast in bed on fathers day. alan would kill me if i posted the picture of the three of them.

list of what lainey is starting to say.......(so i'll remember a year from now what she was saying at 15mo)....
1) ball
2) baby
3) bubbles
4) papa and papooh
5) nana (for nana and banana
6) cheese
7) "goggy" i.e. doggy
8) pay pay (for payton)
9) mama and dadda
10) mow (milk)
11) ohie
12) bye bye
......there may be more, but i can't think right now because she is yelling at me.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

busy week

just wanted to let everyone know that "yes" we are all still here. this week is VBS (vacation bible school) at church....kylee's first year. she's been actively participating in learning about Jesus, while i have been running around trying to catch it on camera. i think we're both a little pooped....and i have only taken pictures two days (but the just a little time consuming.) with that said, i am signing off and going to bed because there is still one more day...and i have to work tomorrow night. hope all is well in everyone else's world!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"Ka Chow"

talk about starting the summer with a "bang!" i cannot believe i have actually done this. i have been wondering, for weeks now what i would look with my "natural" color. i have been a blonde for 28 years (my blonde started getting a little darker when i was 14, so i started high lighting it). so after talking to a few people and doing a little research i just decided "what the heck." it sure will save me a lot of money. and i think i really like it. we'll see tomorrow if i still feel the same way. i'll probably walk by the mirror, forgetting what i've done, and jump a few feet in fear of what i see.

let me tell you, little miss kylee was more than supportive with this whole ordeal. after going to the store today and buying the box of color, i am not kidding, she asked me twenty times when i was going to do it. i kept telling her that i was going to do it after she went to bed. so when i came out of my room tonight (after coloring it), i see two eyes peering through her doorway. she just stops and stares, sticks her head out of her door and stares a little more and says, "mommy did you do your hair, i reeeaally like it!" i said, "i'm so glad, now go back to bed."

now my husband on the other hand says that he is pleading the fifth. it's going to take a little getting used to. trust me, i completely understand. i just think it was time for a change. anyway, please feel free to tell me what you think.....don't be too brutal!