Monday, March 26, 2007

can you say excited? alaina's face.

i just had to post this. but first let me explain what is was happening. alan was outside getting ready to cut the grass and the girls were sitting in the window watching. when alan started the mower and headed in their direction alaina went nuts! she got so darn excited. alan called me outside to see her face....i couldn't believe it (both the girls looked like they were on a roller coaster ride). i've never seen anyone so excited about a lawn mower. i hope she shows that same excitement when she's old enough to take over that duty. something tells me that she won't have that same look....probably a roll of the eyes instead.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

bitten by the BUG

anyone who has talked to me in the last day or two has probably gotten an ear full of complaining. my apologies...please!

some sort of nasty bug made it's way into our house last week. i think it came in when the weather changed. hmmmm....aren't the bugs supposed to go outside when the weather gets nice???? anyway, it started with kylee....wonderful cough, fever and congestion, then on poor alaina's first birthday the bug bit her. she came down with a fever, cough, congestion and of course, runny nose. then the next day (saturday) alan gets bit, fever, cough and congestion. yuck!

lets just say it made for an incredibly fun weekend for healthy mom (and kylee by then)! i am typically very much needed, but this weekend was "mom, i need you....crying, screaming, snot and more snot" overload. i have to say that i frequented the bathroom regularly, just to do a little "pull my hair out" dance.

anyway, yesterday lainey had her one year appointment and we found out she of course has a good ol' ear infection. and after giving her the antibiotics last night she projectile vomits all over me.....then later that night kylee decided that her rocking chair was the toilet and peed all over the floor...and this morning doesn't remember a darn thing (i can't believe she doesn't remember anything because she was completely hysterical).

okay, that's it, i am officially done complaining. yes, it was a frustrating weekend, but i am sure i am making a much bigger deal out of it. again, my apologies, but thanks to this blog i am able to vent and if people don't want to hear it they don't have to.

you know, alan and i were lying in bed last night just talking about random things when i started laughing. ten or so years ago when i snuggled next to alan, i couldn't wait to just be his wife so we would have lots of moments snuggling and talking.....who knew we'd be lying there exhausted (i couldn't believe we were even talking, we should have been passed out) after an evening filled with so much puke, pee and snot! it really is pretty funny. i am so grateful. i really am! i have a wonderful husband who loves and supports me and helps out with the kids. and we have two beautiful girls inside and out, no matter how much snot or pee comes out of them. okay, i'm done!

Friday, March 16, 2007

one year ago today.....

(photo compliments of aunt d)

as i sit here at work, i am reminded of a year ago today (like it was yesterday).....i was lying in a bed, in this very same hospital, waiting to meet my little alaina jean. at 5:14am you came into this world (very fast i might add...kinda how you do everything else.) i was so excited to meet you, to see you, face to face.

i fell in love instantly. i knew that i would love you, but i was nervous as to how i would feel in that moment....loving another child. but you came, and there were no worries, no doubts. what i held in my arms was "love."

i have had the privilege of loving you everyday since, and i wouldn't trade a single second. you have brought so much joy to my life and to those around you. i can tell you time and time again, but words will never amount to how much i love you, we love you. i hope you have a happy first birthday. thank you for being my sweet, smiley, little blue eyed girl, with a grin that melts my heart. i love you lainey lou.

(i'll be home from work soon to wish you a happy birthday myself.....maybe with a sprinkled doughnut in hand....with a candle?) i bet kylee would like it if i did that!

thank you Lord for alaina jean. bless her all the days of her life. i pray that she will know you and grow in your love and live in your light. i pray that you will use her in ways only you know how to. keep her healthy and safe. pour out your love through us, so she will be showered in it each and every day. give alan and i wisdom to parent her, guide her and discipline her. thank you for trusting us to be her parents here on earth. i am so eternally grateful. amen!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"picnic" take two

oh, glorious days like these......sigh! this weather has definitely lifted the "funk" cloud over our household (well, at least for me.) earlier this year i took both the girls on a picnic (the one where kylee had to pee in a bush), we had such a good time i thought we'd try it again. but this time i made sure kylee went to the bathroom before we left.

last time we went there, it was a little easier to contain lainey....she could only lay there. now.......i can't keep her in one spot. she loves being outside, and she loves walking everywhere.

kylee kept throwing grass at alaina, and she thought it was hilarious. finally, i got a smile.

telling secrets....well, not really. she's actually coughing. poor thing can't get rid of it.
until next time.......

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

birthday party

my birthday girls. kylee had a great time and couldn't wait to dig into the present opening. and alaina was just interested in walking around. first birthdays are always so funny. you try to make a big hoorah....the cake, the balloons and the party hats, but do they realize what is even going on? heck no! they just meander around wondering why all these people are in there house. and why in heck everyone is singing and clapping. but having two birthdays all in one day you have the excuse for the fun cake, balloons....all the hoopla, but no hats. there is no way alaina would keep a hat on. the little stinker wasn't even the slightest bit interested in her cake. i remember kylee didn't exactly dive into it either, but once she got a taste she had a great time making a mess. not our little princess. she wouldn't eat it unless it was given to her on a fork. she is so funny! i should be thanking my lucky stars that she doesn't like to be messy, but i was a little fun chocolate, all over the face pictures. oh well.

it was nice having everyone over. thanks guys for sharing the afternoon celebrating with us. and thanks for eating the cupcakes....i had to get those out of the house. too yummy!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

side by side

this just made my day yesterday. after picking kylee up from school we made our weekly trip to sam's club to get milk. i really think alaina enjoyed having kylee sit right next to her. shortly after entering the store alaina was leaning in to kylee, laying her head on her shoulder. it was the sweetest thing. when i told kylee alaina was giving her "luv's", kylee embraced it. she put her arm around her and gave her a big hug and kiss. it was awesome! i am so glad that you are both able to show your love for one another this way. i just love moments like these. the check out gal was getting the biggest kick out of the two of them sharing popcorn. it was pretty cute.

and as promised......the shoes. fashion statement of the week. i absolutely love them. i think they are hilarious!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

fun-filled birthday

first, breakfast in bed....a stack of pancakes with candles (she burned her hair blowing them out.) candles in bed, maybe not a good idea?

then, party at school. being the center of attention, what more could you ask for. i think i may have had more fun being there then she did (no way, she loves school). i had a ball being there, watching her in one of her favorite surroundings. i loved being able to see what she does at school....and taking pictures of course.

and if you look closely you'll see that her hair is a little shorter than before. after school we made it over to see sarah for a quick and much needed hair cut. we're not ready to grow her hair out yet....she looks so cute with it short....not to mention, she looks more like she is 4!

then at last, the long awaited and much anticipated trip to chuck-e-cheese! she had a great time....loved the slide (the one thing that didn't take tokens.....awesome!). she got the coolest shoes from aunt d......1970's shiny silver, platform heels....real hot!!! she wears them all the time. i'll be posting a picture of those lovely things soon, they are hilarious.

thanks my sweet kylee for having a birthday. it was so much fun celebrating with you. i hope you had a wonderful time. love you soooooooooooo much!