Monday, July 26, 2010

6 wks too fast

a long awaited post! our little munchkin is already six weeks old, i really can't believe it. the time is flying by, but probably because i've been so busy. you forget how much work a sweet newborn is....worth every minute, but still demanding. i can't really say that she is an easy baby, but not difficult either....she is just right ;-) she seems to be doing better now that she is going to be a little earlier, evenings aren't as fussy. she is starting to smile a lot more too, especially in the morning when laying on the floor (we have found that she is much happier lying on the floor as opposed to being in her bouncy seat)...looking at the fan. she loves the fan, she even likes it when i say "where's the fan?" she gets this big goofy grin on her face, it is so funny. i love to just lie there next too her and watch her grin and coo! i can't stop kissing her either...too irresistible.

kylee and alaina are still in love with her, they are constantly in her face...literally. i have to remind them frequently that she can see them better if they are a few inches away from her face.

the summer is wrapping up...kylee starts school in 2 1/2 weeks!! that means that we will busy getting ready for school...haircuts, new shoes, last minute stuff. she has worked really hard this summer reading like a mad woman. she has read 21 chapter books and is still going. i am so proud of her hard work. she said that she "loves reading now." it helps when you find a few god books. her favorites are "franny k. stein" by jim benton and the "my weird school days," by dan gutman. she's actually a little obsessed. she gets on the computer almost everyday doing a search for more franny k. stein books (because she has read all of them) and dan gutman. she even made a list for me the other day of all the books she hasn't read. i was actually really impressed that she did the search all on her own (sadly her and lainey are left up to their own devices more than not these days....we are so lucky and grateful for such good kids).

lainey....well, she's a piece of work that is for sure. our little fancy pants! always wearing fancy things and being dramatic as ever. kylee and her have for the most part played so well this summer...always playing "kid" of course.....oh, and barbies! sometimes when they are playing i have to stop to check on them because alaina is crying...fake crying (but it sounds so real). is it weird that when they are playing someone is always dying...or getting married?? hmmmmm! she is slightly morbid at times, but we love just the same.

i love all my girls so much, i don't tell them enough. i feel so bad that i haven't spent more time with them, or just telling them how much they mean to me. i have to remind myself that this is just a season and it will pass. i just hope and pray that they won't hold it against me ;-) so girls, i want you to know....i love you with all of my heart. i am so sorry that i haven't had more time focused on you, but it doesn't change the way i feel about you. i am so proud of both of you. i am also so very thankful for all your help taking care of mya. you are the best big sisters ever!! i couldn't do it without you. you are smart, beautiful and funny...and so full of love. thank you for loving your mommy no matter what. i love you both!