Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sleepy morning eyes. she may look happy now....hmmmmm. it wasn't two minutes later she was crying.

why is it that kids instinctively know when you have things to do in the morning....they get up super early? for the life of me i can't understand this. well, actually i think i do, but i don't want to believe that satan would use my sweet little babies to deter me from getting into the Word for a little while....but why wouldn't he? he makes me so darn mad. i need to remember this when my feet hit that last stair in the early morning and the baby starts crying to not get mad at them....but to pray instead. not let him win! seriously, it never fails that on days that i intentionally set my alarm to get up early to read my bible and workout they are up as soon as I get downstairs!!! i have conquered kylee in regards to this...she can now read a clock and knows not to come out of her room until 7:00...alaina doesn't do it very often because she has big sis telling her not too....well, miss mya...sigh! it hasn't helped that mya has not been taking very good naps as of late. she was only taking a 30 min nap in the morning, so my thoughts were to get rid of that one and just put her down for an early afternoon nap. well, that is not working out very well. she thinks she only needs an hour to an hour and a half nap. NO WAY kid...you need MORE!!!!! mommy needs a little more time and a happy baby at the end of the nap! needless to say it has been a rough few days if not longer than that. i remember this time not being very fun with kylee and alaina too....but kylee never did wrap her head around the nap concept...alaina thankfully did (and still does on occasion) i am hoping and praying that mya will follow suit with her middle sis. i guess we will just wait and see.

thankfully she loves going to bed at night. in fact, her bedtime routine is such a sweet part of the day. she gets a bath, gets dressed, get her blankie, we snuggle up in the rocking chair and read her Bible! She LOVES her Bible, it is the ONLY book she will actually sit down (and really relax) and let me read it to her. i can read it cover to cover (it's a baby Bible, so that is not hard to do) and she won't move unless there is an action that i have her do with the story. it is so sweet and so hopeful...."it is the same with my word. i sent it out, and it always produces fruit. it will accomplish all i want it to, and it will prosper everywhere i send it." isaiah 55:11 NLT His words and truth are in her...she already longs for them. how awesome is that!!!! help me Lord, to not just be a hearer of your word, but a doer...so my girls will see your love, your truth and your ways through me. AMEN!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

t-rex never again

oh my....how i wish i would have had a video or even a picture of the experience we just had. i hope my words can do it justice. for our last evening without daddy ohie was going to meet us out for dinner. she told me to find a place that would be fun for the kids. well, the only thing i could think of that was close was T-REX. we have never eaten there and the girls have talked about going there every time have been up at the legend's. so...we get there a little early to walk around before we were supposed to meet ohie at the restaurant. we get to there, i open the door....alaina's feet stop and then SCREAMS! her feet wouldn't move! i tried telling her that we had to go in to see if ohie was in there waiting for us. yeah, that didn't work, she wasn't going in. so we back up and move away from the door. i try to calm her down and explain that the dinosaurs are fake and that i would never take her in a place that wasn't safe. well, that didn't work either. at this point i am hot (literally) and really getting frustrated. what do i do? i try calling ohie to let her know what is going on, but can't get a hold of her. so i keep trying, and keep trying to explain that we have to go in to make sure ohie is not there. i was thinking she just couldn't hear her phone inside the restaurant....so i knew we had to get in some how. by now, we had been sitting outside in the blazing sun, we had tried several more times to walk up towards the restaurant with no success, just more screams, i was getting mad, i was dripping sweat everywhere....i was to the point of tears...and didn't know what to do. finally, i put the stroller about three feet away from the door and tell the girls not to move...i was going to open the door and try and get the hostess's attention....at this point we had a large group of people (who turned out to be a little flash mob....not obvious or anything) staring at us (lainey is squatting down behind the stroller....and did i mention that kylee is now crying and scared too! the only calm one was mya, and she was the one i was concerned about). well, i can't get the hostess's attention, but i get the attention of some guy standing there who was able to get the hostess's attention. she eventually came over, i asked her if they had someone come in that was expecting anybody, she said she didn't think so. awesome! now what? i was done and walking away when my phone finally rings...it was ohie calling from another restaurant nearby telling me that she had left her cell at home and that she couldn't 't find a place to park. after all that, i was done and ready to go home and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. after getting to the car and cooling off, i just laughed. what else was i to do. it really was much funnier to me....my words definitely did not do it justice ;-) hope everyone else is having a great saturday night!!

pucker up butter cup

lots of pictures.......

summer is half way over. even with it being as busy as it has, it hasn't gone as fast as i thought it would. but i still feel like i haven't gotten anything accomplished....except for this weekend i guess. the hubby is out of town on a float trip, so it's just been me and the girls. so i have been able to check off a couple of things on my LONG list of "to do's"......painted tables, painted the girls cork board frame, met some new friends at the pool (this has been on the "to do" list for one whole year!!), maybe get a few pictures hung?? anyway....i feel a little lighter.

the first night without daddy, the girls (minus baby) had mini facials and pedi's (at "momma's special spa"), watched a movie, read a book and all crawled into my bed. i think my back is still a little sore from that night. last night kylee had a friend sleep over, which included pizza, popcorn and cookies. tonight is going to be low key...maybe a little movie, then off to bed (church in the morning)! we've had a good time, the girls have been great, but we all miss daddy!

i don't think i have posted since mya started walking. she took her first steps june 25th (actually walking)...and now she is pretty much all over the place. it is still so new that i forget that she can walk, when i turn around and see her coming towards me, it freaks me out a little. the latest thing is to carry something in each hand while walking! one of the cutest things she is doing right know...is give kisses. these aren't just any ol' baby kisses (you know the open mouth slimy kisses we all love), these are big puckered up kisses! she was never one to give out any kind of kiss, but now.......oh, they were TOTALLY worth the wait!! they are awesome. what is even funnier is that when she gives one, she expects everyone else to line up. she will give one kiss, then turn to whoever she wants to kiss next, pucker up and expect that person to come running....which of course we do, who wouldn't? i think she just likes to watch us all act like fools for her! but we are fools for her, she kind of melts our hearts!

kylee and alaina are about finished with their summer rec activities....which have been great! lainey has been taking a music an swimming class. kylee has been taking karate and loving it! oh, and miss alaina lost her very first tooth (june 30th)! i have a feeling she is going to be pretty toothless this school year....there are two more wiggly ones in there. i guess this means we will probably be heading to the orthodontist soon for spacers. her narrow little mouth isn't going to tolerate all those new big teeth. can't wait ;-) she is so much like her dad (he had to have them too! however, i was looking at alaina the other day and realized that her and i share the same chin. i know this has no significance to anyone, but to me it does. i didn't think this poor child even came from me, she is her daddy's clone.....but she did and she has my pointy chin ;-) it made me smile. why does it make us happy that our children look like us? i don't believe that it is because we are being conceded, maybe just to prove to the world that they are really are children. why, i am really not sure? weird!

well, miss mya is up from her nap....way TOO early i might add. this switching to one nap a day is for the birds. i forgot how bad it stinks. she has only been asleep for maybe and hour and a half...yuck!!! fun times ;-)

before i forget...while driving the other day, lainey overheard me talking to my dad. when i got off the phone she asked me why i still call my dad, "dad." so we went round and round about how even though you get older your parents are still your parents and so on. she proceeded to tell me that her kids will call alan, "alan." she also realized that papa and ohie would be her kids great grandparents and that papa would become "papapa", hence the extra "pa" stands for the "great." did i explain that very well. it sure was funny listening to her tell me. i couldn't stop laughing. i just love her wittiness, she's so funny without even trying to be funny! got love her ;-)

PS. for those of you who read our blog, please excuse the fact that i include dates of things in the midst of writing.....it helps me remember (since i have been terrible at keeping up baby books, this is as close as i will get)....and the fact that i can't remember anything anymore!