Thursday, May 27, 2010

new beginnings

today is the is officially done! our first house is no longer ours. it really hasn't been for a few weeks now, but today it will belong to someone else. i hope it will be a great home for it was for us. it feels weird to say that it is not our home anymore, but it feels great to call our new home "our home." we love's feeling more like home everyday. we're still trying to put stuff away, though i think that will be an ongoing process for a while. i had to put a picture of the girls last night in their room before we moved. they were so excited to sleep on the floor!

this little girl is one of a kind....well, maybe a second edition (she is just like her ohie...she likes all things that sparkle and glitz...along with "tools"!! during the moving process if we heard the drill going we had to go make sure it wasn't alaina...because if it was lying around and we were were out of site it would be in her hands, drill buzzing) the other day we had to go to the hardware store....again...and she couldn't have been happier. she wanted to spend her money on a tape measure. she knew exactly what she wanted...but couldn't decide between sizes. i was cracking up. she really wanted a drill, but they were out of her price range;-)
yesterday papa and ohie got their boat we we broke it in. the girls were up at 6:30 in the morning asking when the boat was coming. such a nice boat and so much fun. we can't wait to spend the summer on the lake, sunbathing and swimming off the "papaohie." do you like the coconuts and watermelon floating below. the girls thought it was hilarious....mya is already swimming in the lake. it was a little chilly, but still refreshing. so much fun!!
36 wks...she'll be here soon!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


we are officially in! after months and months of praying and trying to be as patient as possible, the house that we never thought we could have is now our new "home." it's all a bit overwhelming...i think i am still trying to process it. over six months ago alan and i started looking at houses. we were very specific in our "looking." we wanted a place where we could spread our wings a little, be closer to family, and of course...a bigger kitchen. oh, and i forgot the third car garage for alan's other little baby;-) it's really funny because the house that originally caught our eye was the house directly across the street from us. but that one was already on back up so we decided to look across the street. well, we fell in love with it. we went into it knowing that it could take a while for everything to go through (because it was also a short sale)...but not really thinking it would actually happen. i think we got to a point where we didn't really think too much about it (well, maybe a little). anyway, six months later we got the news that the banks approved our offer and we would tentatively close mid may. i must say that God's hand has been in this the entire time, there is no denying it! it's hard to explain sometimes how God actually speaks to you personally, but in the last few months leading up to our offer being accepted i was starting to get a little anxious about if and when this whole thing would happen. but can you blame me...a baby on the way....seriously, my type "a" personality was going nuts. well, during that time God spoke to me. amidst my anxiousness i kept being reassured that april was when something was going to happen. so i clung to that and guess what happened...we not only found out that we got the house, but that we were going to close april 30th....and we sold our house in five days (april 26th). are you kidding me!!! absolutely not! God is so good and so amazing! so when i start to question whether we made the right decision or whether we even deserve this place....because we really don't, but seeing God's hand in all of it, how can i deny it! this wasn't just an accident. we prayed, we asked, we thanked and praised and he answered in amazing ways. we are so grateful to have a God who loves us, who cares for us, who listens to us....who answers us....even if it is not the way was expect or want it. i am so excited to call this house our "home," and to create memories with all three of our girls. oh, and all this before the baby comes. not to say that we won't be busy up until the time she comes....unpacking, but i am so incredibly grateful that we are in before she arrives. honestly i don't think that is too far off. i am 34 wks and have been pushing it with this we'll just see how much longer we last! maybe she will be making her appearance on my birthday;-) i would love for everything to be ready before she comes...only because i know i will be exhausted when she does arrive (not that i'm not now)...but i really can't wait to meet her. i am so curious to see what she looks like. all i can see and feel right now are her feet and gigantic movements. the alien is alive in there!!! we can't wait to meet you little one. you are already so precious to me, i am anxious to hold you in my arms and give you sweet little kisses! and i have tested out the new recliner and it is ready for the two of us to nap in!!