Friday, October 22, 2010

"worstest" day

i feel as though i have lost my creativity when writing blog post. we have funny things happen all the time, it just seems that i forget them too quickly...and when i do remember i don't have my computer or a piece of paper to write them down. my brain is mush....complete mush! even sticky notes don't help anymore (i lose those before i can use them). these past few weeks have been super busy...and i think they will continue to be busy until the holidays are over!

anyway, kylee didn't have school yesterday (or today), so the day started very early (6:30 am)...why is it that when kids have to be up for school they can't drag themselves out of bed, but on days off, they are up at the crack of dawn? i am sure i did it when i was a kid, but for the life of me, i just cannot figure out "why?" so, early morning = tired kid...emotional kid, cranky kid....mouthy kid...hmmmm. needless to say that yesterday wasn't a great day. it didn't help that it was a thursday, and thursdays i lay low because i have to work at night. that meant that kylee and i had very different ideas of what the day should look like. to her....a vacation, to and mentally prepare for the evening (mind you lainey did have to go to school in the am). so what ever didn't go my little darling's way, the tears would flow, the arms would flail and the words, "this is the worstest day EVER!" would pour out. poor kid! i really did and do feel bad....she has been in school for a while and isn't used to our little daily's pretty boring (especially on a thursdays). i guess what i need next time is to prepare myself for no rest and just stop and enjoy the time i have with her. i really hate that i don't do this more often. i am always doing, doing...not stopping! she is such a good kid and i love her to pieces. i feel like i need to just stop and get to know her this stage of life. she is growing up so fast and i miss out on so much of her, when i am "going" all the time. her sweet, tender heart is so big and i want a piece of it...and i want to give her a piece of mine! she deserves that and much more...each one of the girls do. i am learning each an every day!! Lord, please help me to be quiet and still, even in the most busiest of me to be slow to speak and quick to love and embrace my girls (and husband too!)

this is what i found at work in my lunch bag......

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


adventures.....the first one i want to mention is the adventure my husband and i have been on for the last nine years (actually a lot longer, but today was the day we said "i do" nine years ago). my man is the greatest...he's my best friend, and i cannot imagine my life without him. each day is a new adventure, i look forward to many more....hand in hand. i love you babe!!

the second adventure is the one lainey and i got to go on the other day. tuesday was lainey's fall field trip with her preschool to the "red barn farm." our plan was to meet everyone there because i needed to take big sis to school then wait for someone to come and watch little, we left following google maps directions.....taking k-7 most of the way....big mistake. so we go, and go and go, then go the wrong way, then go another wrong way...then it starts to rain...then we go another wrong way. i ask lainey if it is okay if we go home if we can't find it.....she says "sure" (not seeming to be too disappointed) but i said i would give it another try, if not we would have our own adventure. so we drove down this road and found an apple orchard. we went inside the store to ask if we could just walk around the orchard...because no one was there, there were no apples and most of the pumpkins had been picked....and it was raining. so we put on our boots and went walking in the rain. we found a pumpkin and bought some jelly beans and called it good! our very own adventure ;-) when we were pulling out...guess what i saw? the sign for the red barn farm directly across the street. so we head on down that road and met up with her class for the last half an hour of the field trip. fun times! i think we both enjoyed it best when it was just the two of us ;-) sweet little moments with my middle wee one!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


i CANNOT believe that four months have passed since this precious little girl came into our lives! super sweet and super serious....we love her. little miss mya p, four months seems such a short amount of time...but my, how much love can fill that time. your smile lights up my heart! i guess you can say you "turn on my heartlight" (words from a favorite of mine....neil diamond...wink, wink) yes, i love me a little neil day i am sure you will laugh at me...everyone else does! you really are such a delightful little person already. you are changing so much, so fast. you are now starting to grab things and really pay attention to what you are doing. you love the TV! in fact, i can't feed you in the same room if the TV is get a little distracted. oh, and you are finally lifting your head and chest up when on your tummy....though it is quite loud when you do this.... a lot of grunting. with a 4 year gap between you and alaina, it is amazing how much you forget what babies do do! i love it. i love you! i love all my girls. i have the greatest little family ever!!! i am such a lucky mommy ;-) thank you Jesus!

Monday, October 04, 2010

5 days over due

working on it!!!!
feeling much better!!!

5 days+ no poop = very stinky baby!!! for the last five days mya has been passing an obscene amount of gas...and i am talking "foul" smelling. she could clear a room or two! i started to panic a little bit sunday night...i don't think i have heard of any babies who were constipated while breastfeeding. but instead of freaking out i just prayed. i couldn't believe i was praying for poop....actually, i wish i would remember to pray for the simpler things ALL the time. we're supposed to! well, He heard and answered. when i was feeding her this morning the eye brows furrowed, the eyes began to water and the chair started to vibrate...and i started cheering her on! boy was i in for a treat. oh my goodness. poor baby had to feel better after that. i think she weighed a few pounds lighter. it was one of the most disgusting things i have seen in a long was everywhere. sure was a good thing daddy wasn't around....i would have been cleaning up after him too. after we got all cleaned up she took a two hour nap. i guess pooping that much will take it out of you ;-) i am so glad that all of cyberspace can know about my daughters first bout of constipation...or whatever you want to call it. she'll be so proud one of these days...mommy loves you honey!!

Friday, October 01, 2010

no pictures tonight...just a little talk. i am sitting here in my office preparing for a busy day of photo shoots tomorrow. the windows are open, the weather is perfect, mya is sleeping, the girls are with papooh and nana....all is good...quiet and peaceful! i have been looking over and over my calendar for the month of october and my head begins to spin. i think i keep looking at it hoping a few things may disappear, but they don't. i don't want to whine because being busy is a good brain just has to process and organize it all. each phase of life has it's own "busy." it just takes a little time getting used to. right now it's babies, homework, work, bath times and bedtimes, field trips, doctors appointments, grocery shopping....trying to keep the house clean. as i listen to the announcer at the high school football game (it's actually pretty fun to hear....brings back SOOOOOOOOO many memories), just a short ways away i start to think of the different kind of "busy" our lives will be then. not to rush anything, but it is exciting. sitting here thinking about the good old days. waiting for the fall friday nights to begin.....for the football team to run through the "run through" sign we worked so hard on, the fans cheering with you in the stands....the excitement of the first touch down, hanging out with all your friends...or that special guy ;-) wink, wink alan!! i just love to sit here and wonder where are girls will be, what our life will be like then. it's crazy and so surreal. it just makes me feel so blessed to have such an amazing family. to dream about the plans God has for us. i can't wait for each days adventures with them. many will be rough, but many will be mountain top moments. i get goose bumps thinking about it. go team go! i know i am so weird ;-)