Thursday, August 13, 2009

grade one

i am not sure what is wrong with me but i CANNOT stop thinking about the fact that my big baby is going to be in the first grade! i honestly thought i wouldn't give it a second thought....but now i sit here and i can't stop thinking about it. she is really going to be gone all day long...then come home, have a snack, do a little homework, play, eat, wash up and go to bed. is it just me or did the days just seem to shorten? i am seriously overwhelmed and consumed with these thoughts at the moment. what am i going to do? yes, i know that she is not leaving for college, but it really makes me feel sad....sad that i didn't hold her a little longer, a little tighter, along with a lot more kisses. her school career is officially beginning...i am so excited for her (because, yes, i was the weird girl who LOVED school), but also nervous. okay, it's official, i feel a bit nauseous...i think i need to go distract myself!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

it is's all facebooks fault! i should be spending a little more time here documenting what is going on in our lives, but you know. with both kids napping at the moment (whoa!) i thought i should spend some time doing just that. summer came and is now almost over...i still can't believe that school starts in just two weeks and my baby is going to be going into the first grade, the FIRST GRADE! she will be gone all day long. i just hope she is back to herself by then. she had her tonsils removed last thursday and has not been her perky little self since. it's a bit of a roller coaster ride right now...she's up, she's down, she's happy, she's hurting. it's the third time this year that our poor girl has had to make a trip to the surgery center. i know that she has had enough...and i think our wallet is saying "hey, wait a minute." i am just praying that with this last procedure that she will be fully healed. she is not coughing or snorting as much..and we haven't done her sinus rinse or nose spray since last wednesday....pray, pray, pray.

lainey on the other hand doesn't have much to report, other than she is just as funny and sweet as ever! she is our little fancy nancy...she likes all that is glittery, sparkly and has heels! she's like her ohie when it comes to the "goo." she will actually be starting preschool two days a week at a different elementary school. i am anxious to see how she does...and if she'll continue to take naps (here's hoping).

i had the privilege of taking the girls with me to visit my dad and step mom to colorado a week and a half ago. i have to say that i really enjoyed the girls...they really are good kids! we are very lucky. we had a good time with papooh and nana and came a way with a few funny stories. i was even successful at scaring the pants off of them.

when i was six years old my parents sent me to colorado (by myself mind you) to visit my cousins. while i was there i remember them taking me to this restaurant called "casa bonita." well, i happened to run across it when i was looking up things to do in i asked if we could go while we were there. i remember loving it and thought the girls would enjoy it too because they having diving shows, skits, puppet shows, a souvenir shop....and a scary tunnel. do you see where i am going with this? well, we went and the girls were just so excited they couldn't sit still long enough to eat (and it wasn't because the food was terrible, because it really WAS terrible....maybe not that bad, just bad) they wanted to check everything out. so i finish my lunch and decided that i would take them around while everyone else was eating. we walked around for a minute when i spotted the cave (tunnel)...."oh" i thought to myself "lets go and do that." can i just say BIG mistake taking a six and three year old by myself. we walk in a few steps when something screams at us, we walk a little further and something else screams at us, then there is blowing air and more screaming....not to mention my two children screaming at the top of their lungs. right before we are near the exit (which is a large mouth that you have to walk through) kylee stops dead in her tracks, continuing to scream, screaming that she is not going, that she is going back. my thinking is this, i want to get them the hell out of there as quickly as possible, but we can't go back because we are right there at the end and if we went back it would be an even bigger catastrophe. so i pick up 85 lbs (which are clinging to me and screaming...i am surprised social services wasn't at the exit waiting for me) and get out as fast as i could. when we get out i tried my best to console them and apologize (mind you i feel like the worlds worst mom....because for the life of me i don't remember it being very scary). lainey calms down and asked, "why did you take us in that scary place." 'cause i thought it would be fun....oops, "sorry." that's all i could say. but after that we bought souvenirs and then watched the diving shows...all was good.

one other quick funny story was at dinner the night before we left....we were sitting there and kylee looks over at her aunt megan and asks, "when are you going to have babies.....i know where they come from......on, and on." it was pretty funny. is it only in our family where we have those conversations at the dinner table?

ok...i have written enough for today, i'll try it again in the near future...wink, wink!