Monday, October 30, 2006

we're back

we're back. what a fun time. a little wet in chicago, but fun just the same. i wish we would have had a few more days to explore. the girls really did do well, but with airport security it was a pain in the butt! kylee got so mad at them when they made her take off her shoes. kylee was so funny this trip. she was all about daddy! poor guy had to sleep on a fold out sofa bed while i enjoyed an entire bed to myself. i was able to stretch out, alan just got a couple of knees in the groin, and fingers in the face. as you'll see below alaina got her own drawer to sleep in. i tried to put her in bed with me, but she just couldn't do it...she needs the boundaries. another classic kylee story....we were at panera's getting lunch, everyone was in line except mom and i, kylee comes up to our table and clearly asks, "ohie, what in the hell are you doing in my seat?" ohie started laughing and i just looked at kylee and told her it was not nice to talk to ohie with that tone....completely oblivious to what was really said. the "hell" word went right over my head, i didn't get the real version of what she said for two more hours. i couldn't help but laugh.

the rest of the trip to michigan for brian and nikki's wedding was great. congratulations guys. we are so happy for you. it was great to see everybody, and reminisce. i have to say it wasn't too much fun getting up at 4 o'clock in the morning the next day to drive back to chicago. we were absolutely exhausted, but well rested now! thanks so much mom and dad for coming with us, we couldn't have survived with out you.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

chicago here we come......or die trying

today i am a little nervous....we are traveling to chicago, then michigan with two small kids. i'm not too worried about kylee, she loves to fly, but alaina hasn't been feeling well, and with cabin know. more than anything i'm not looking forward to lugging all the stuff around, i.e. stroller, carseat, carseat base, etc......i really shouldn't be complaining i know people do this all the time and i am really looking foward to our time together (and to see brian FINALLY tie the knot), not to mention, we do have reinforcement meeting us in chicago....thank you so much mom and dad r. it really will be a great time, i know it....even if it is forecast to rain the entire time we are there.

kylee of course has been talking non-stop about "chicago." her and i have just started doing devotionals and guess what monday's lesson was about..."anticipation." so every time she ask if we "are going to chicago after my nap" i have her recite the scripture verse from our lesson...."blessed is the one who waits" (daniel 12:12). it is so neat to see her learn and be armed with the word of the Lord!

well, i'm signing off. keep us in your prayers. i'll post pictures when we get back....i may even sneak one in while we are there.

Monday, October 16, 2006

love those veggies

most of you already know that i make most of lainey's baby food, and she typically loves them. actually, she can barely contain herself when she see's them being pulled from the fridge, but last night was a little different. i decided to change things up a bit, i made a mix of carrots, broccoli and cauliflower (i had the mylicon drops very close by.) well, as you could she wasn't a big fan, but in spite of that she did eat the whole thing. we got a big kick out of watching her reaction to it.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

man, i love fall...and these two

isn't this just the cutest! "today alan turned "30!" (does time fly or what?) instead of birthday cake i made the birthday boy a yummy apple pie...i think this had to be one of the best i've ever made (not to brag or anything, but i can make a damn good apple pie....thanks to grama holles's wonderful pie crust recipe. sorry, don't even try to ask me for it, i won't secret:)) ever since i told kylee that we were going to make daddy a pie for his birthday she couldn't stop talking about it. on the way home from church she told me (with so much excitement in her voice) "daddy is going to be so excited and happy that we are going to have a pie for his birthday party"...i think someone else was a little more excited than daddy. while i was making it i think she asked me over a hundred times (not exaggerating) if she could have a piece. she was driving me nuts, "it's still baking, you can have a piece after dinner"....two seconds later, "can i have a piece of pie?" enough already!
(here is a picture of the pie.)
fall always gets me in the baking mood. yummy fall foods...mmmm good! apple pie and chili, just a few of my favorites. above are the cookies that kylee and i made. they were supposed to be sugar cookies, but i just couldn't figure out why the dough turned out so brown. yeah, the next day it dawned on me....big dummy, i used brown sugar instead of granulated sugar...oops. fortunately, i stumbled upon something good. i don't know what the heck i was thinking. i'm not sure you ever get your brain back completely after pregnancy....but maybe i didn't have the whole thing to begin with?

another thing i've found fun is to make crafts with kylee. this time i thought that making spiders would be fun. kylee loved it. it gave kylee a chance to practice using her scissors...she really does a great job with them. i'll have to come up with something creative for thanksgiving. any ideas?

Friday, October 13, 2006

happy anniversary

i remember a very special day five years ago, a day that would change my life forever. it was five years ago today that i became mrs. rimbo. every time i think of our wedding day it makes me smile and feel all warm inside. it literally was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. i got to marry my high school sweetheart,...and, i felt the peace of the Lord like i have never felt before. it was simply amazing. i don't know any other way to describe it.

five years we have been married now....why does it feel like ten? maybe it's because we started dating almost twelve years ago. i just love reminiscing about old times....our crazy high school relationship, our off again, on again drama. so funny! i am just glad that it stuck, though the drama still continues just in different ways, actually come to think of it, it is more like a comedy now (with the kiddos). the Lord has really blessed you and i. we have grown and changed so much over the years....i am so glad we have done it together. i really would be lost without you. you are an amazing husband and wonderful daddy. i am so lucky to be called your wife. thank you for all your love and patience for putting up with me for all these years. and yes, you are welcome for putting up with you too! just kidding!!! happy, happy, happy anniversary sweetheart! i love you........

Saturday, October 07, 2006

those eyes

i cannot get over how amazingly beautiful our girls eyes are. one with brown, one with blue....both stunning! God is amazing isn't he? what beauty he has created. i have always been an "eyes" person, always fascinated with their color and shape, but mostly all they have seen, what lies beneath (if that makes sense.) it makes me wonder what these girls will see. i hope they see God in all His glory....and that is in everything!
i think this one should be in a magazine ad or something....what do ya think?
i have lots more, but i am going to put them on flickr.....i'll do that tomorrow. i need to go to bed i am so stinkin' tired!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

look at me

she's finally doing it. along with her first tooth she is now sitting up. yeah!!! i love the shorts on her head. i have a picture of kylee just like it when she was about the same age, but the shorts were blue...and they look so different. there is something about them that looks so much a like, but i can't quite put my finger on it. too cute though.

omaha or bust

unfortunatly though we went to omaha, it was a bust. cool zoo, but bad timing. alaina, getting her first tooth, kylee... just grouchy (not sure why, just one of those days i guess.) and the zoo was packed. as i am sitting here writing kylee is telling me that she wants to go back.....hmmm let me, not for a while. maybe when we have lots of money to spend on concessions and souvenirs (boy, i wonder who's daughter she is???), that would have been kylee's idea of a great trip. she wasn't too thrilled when i pulled out the lunch bag with homeade turkey sandwiches, apples and pretzels....."but they have popcorn!" lainey liked being outside, just a little messed up with the whole feeding thing. it doesn't look like she has a milk allergy after all, which really sucks because i wasn't able to handle the soy so i had stopped breastfeeding to give her soy formula (we thought she was improving). well, after a few days she was still spitting up a ton. now she is on regular formula because i have nothing left to offer her which makes me so sad. i feel so bad for her, spitting up everyday all day long has to hurt, not to mention annoying. we are at the end of our rope trying to figure out what to do. poor baby!

man, i didn't mean for this post to be so.... "ugh!" sorry.