Tuesday, August 29, 2006


beautiful art!!! i love seeing how kylee's creativity is developing. it's been recently that she's becoming quite the artist.....actually drawing things that are supposed to resemble something or in this case someone...our family (however, alan didn't come out too clear). as you'll see below i labeled who everyone is. do you like how she drew us all upside down?...our legs are on our head and our hair is on our butt (our eyes too)! picasso in the making i think. it really is neat to see things through her eyes.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

more and more

....just adding a few new pictures of the girls. i love that they (Kylee) is willing to be bribed (with some sort of junk food) to be my practice models all the time. i'll have more of alaina next month seeing as she will be six months old....wow. hopefully she'll be sitting up! kylee looks a little sad in her picture ("mom, again...do i really have to do this again?"), but i thought it was precious.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

steam roller

yes, only five months old and the steam roller is in motion. this is a new thing for us because kylee didn't start rolling over like that until she started crawling. this video doesn't show her going very fast, but she really can move. the only down side is that i can no longer contain the spit-up (not like i was really able to contain it anyway, just in a smaller area.) i can't keep her on the blanket anymore, so there is vomit everywhere....gross! praise the lord for oxi-clean!!!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

first day of school treat!

mmmmmm......chocolate cream filled cupcakes. i have always wanted to, but never took the time to actually make them. what a mess. alan came home and was like "what the heck happened in the kitchen?" it literally looked like it exploded...but well worth the effort. i'll make up any kind of excuse to make something chocolate and i was thinking that since kylee is starting school tomorrow i thought she needed a "first day of school" treat. she loved it, can you tell. she says that they'll make her strong....i say they make me weak (and a little thicker around the middle.) hey sarah, don't tell kylee that i sent some to your house...she doesn't like to share her sweets....hmmmmm, i wonder where she gets that.

as for alaina, this picture was too funny. alan took it when i was at work last week. we have a picture of of kylee just like this, sometimes they really do look alike...but most times not. i just love my blue and brown eyed sweets!

Monday, August 14, 2006

another new favorite

how precious is this, seriously? so relaxed in papooh's arms, what better way to spend a few moments.....especially after puking all over mom. yep, the poor thing is still at it. we are hoping that this spitting up thing will die down soon, in the next month maybe? i think that's just more wishful thinking on my part. our washing machine is getting a serious workout, so am i! it's a good thing she is so darn precious, it's all worth it. thanks dad for hanging out with us, always a good time. i learn something new everytime, why didn't i listen more when i was younger?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

lurkers and looky-loo's

hey all you "looky-loo's," yes, you know who you are.....you come to look, but never comment. so sad for me. part of the fun in having the blog is to read what others have to say about it (to see who is checking it out). you don't have to say much, you can just tell me how weird i am. i promise it doesn't take long and it isn't hard. so if you have a minute after checking out what's new with us leave a little something.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"a date"....what's that?!?

you know those nights when a boy and girl would go out to dinner and movie (something fun), getting to know the other person a little better....trying to make a good impression. yeah, that is called a date, those don't happen aroun' these parts much, but thanks to my dad and donna, alan and i were able to have a "date night" (only happens 2 or 3 times a year) at the royals game. dad had two tickets to the royals vs. red sox game and thought of us (big red sox fans).....dad you are a big sweetie, thank you for thinking of us. donna, thanks for being available to watch the girls, i'm so glad they were good for you. we had a great time. baseball games are always entertaining, especially when you have a loud drunk family sitting next to you....it was amazingly quiet when they left during the 4th inning. no, i really do enjoy going to baseball games. it's nice to sit back and relax, drink a really "expensive" beer, chat, watch the game....even have time to think (love that.) so much fun!

the feet....mmmmmm good! i love this picture of the two girls, kylee loves to entertain and alaina loves to be entertained.....loves her big sister so much.

Monday, August 07, 2006

what's new for now......nothing

absolutely nothing new around these parts.....probably why i haven't added anything to the blog recently. this is our first family portrait (with alaina), i am so amazed that everyone cooperated so well, especially with me running into the picture after setting the timer. i was laughing at the whole thing before we did this because we were all getting "dolled up," upstairs just to go downstairs to our basement. i stopped feeling so ridiculous after seeing the pictures....not to bad with the self timer. my two little models below, getting so big. i am not kidding, kylee is getting huge. is it possible for them to grow like three inches over night, because that is what it seems like. i was watching a video of kylee yesterday from march....wow, she has changed soooooo much. alaina has recently found her feet. fun new entertainment.....we are grateful, maybe now we won't develop carpel tunnel in our wrists from shaking the darn rattle all the time (especially alan.) "the feet"....next post. for now that's all.