Friday, January 14, 2011

picture overload......

the time just slips by....well, actually, i think it runs right by me. i have been looking back at older pictures of the girls and it reminds me how big they are. kylee is going to be eight and alaina five in just a couple of months. alaina is at the age where she is losing all her baby features...her face just seems more mature. when i thought of her turning five, i started thinking about the big year ahead of us. losing teeth, kindergarten...reading. can this really be? just yesterday it seems she had a few hairs on her head and was giving me silly faces every time i got the camera out. if you can't tell, the reality of all of this is hitting me pretty hard. my babies are growing up. speaking of babies, mya is now 7 months old! serious as ever, but as sweet as can be. december was a bit of a rough month, seeing as how she decided she wanted to act like a brand new newborn and wanted to be awake all night!!! that was fun! can you see the sarcasm dripping from my lips? it has taken about three to four weeks, but i think we may be getting back to normalcy.....i think...and hope!

it's been so long since i posted , christmas, new years and our first snow days have come and gone. christmas was wonderful....even if everyone had a cold the week leading up to it. every year i hope with all my heart that the celebration of our saviors birth will be just that....a celebration! though it was, why is it that i let all the business consume me. i was very overwhelmed and bit stressed this season because i was busy with work...and still trying to make everything just right for christmas. i really hate (especially hate to admit) that i get so frazzled, that i don't STOP....and rejoice and celebrate why we celebrate. did i make any sense...or am i just babbling? i could come up with a million excuses, but none of them would ever be good enough. i think i need a plan of action for next year. but aside from that, it was wonderful. the girls had a great time. santa brought kylee a "DS" and alaina a "lainey, american girl doll" and mya a silver rattle (which she loves). we were able to spend Christmas with everyone and it was great...and the fact we were able to celebrate an additional day was even better. one thing that made me laugh was when lainey opened one of her gifts (an ironing board)..."oh boy, now i can iron with daddy!" yes, did you get that...."daddy," not mommy!!! i hate to iron, nor am i any good at it, but alan is awesome! i thought that was pretty cute. one morning while on christmas break after leaving the room, i come back to find kylee on all fours (with reindeer antlers on) in front of the exersaucer which held mya (with a santa hat on), and alaina in the rear pushing the exersaucer....yes, we had kylee the reindeer, santa in her sleigh and alaina the elf pushing the sleigh. so awesome and so creative...and i love how they include mya in their play....even if she has no idea what the heck is going on. they all have a great time. i know there are more stories, but of course none are coming to mind right now. the girls are just getting so big that the stories are more serious now instead of funny....however, i think we will always have stories of alaina running into walls that jump out at her, or her falling off chairs (like the ground was a magnet).

new years we were able to have our friends over from across the street to have a little wii dance party action. the kids had a ball! i wish i can say that i was a big enough person to participate, but i can't....i don't think that will happen unless i am completely alone....even then i may embarrass myself. it really was a nice christmas break...i think the girls would agree. they kept so busy between grandparents and there aunt d. i must admit, i wasn't dying for them to go back to school like i have been in the past. it was really nice to not have to rush around in the morning...staying in our pjs....yes, lovely. i was actually sad for them to go back. but just like last year, it didn't last too long....we had two snow days in a row the week after they went back to school! and this monday they don't have school again. oh, the life!! but from the lips of babes, "i hate preschool, i want to go to college!" alaina (because she thinks that is when you get a cell phone). what a goof, but man do i love her....all my girls. they are AWESOME!!!!

i feel like i am forgetting something....hmmm. i guess i'll just have to post again in a month or so...ha, ha!!