Wednesday, March 07, 2012

they are calling me

yes, the waves...the warm breeze...the soft sand....yes, i hear you calling me. don't worry, i have heard you and i am so happy to say i will be there tomorrow! i am anxious and excited, yet dreading tomorrows travels. so all you prayer peeps...keep us in your prayers. especially little miss's going to be a VERY LONG say the least. i think we have everything we need ;-) now i just need to crawl into bed for a few hours of sleep before our adventure begins. but before i go i remembered a little conversation the other day that needed to be shared (more for my i will remember one day).

i am sure you all remember the year in elementary school when you learned to play the awesome "recorder." i remember thinking to myself, "i am going to learn to play and instrument...and play it well." i remember being so pumped about it, thinking it was so cool...especially the fact that i got my very own instrument. well, i think the euphoria wore off the very first day i tried playing it on my own. it didn't sound so good. needless to say, it was never used again, it just collected dust in my closet.

anyway, the time has come for kylee. she came home so excited, telling me all about the "flute" she was going to learn to play...and that she would get her own. even better than that, she could pick what color it was. all i had to do was write a check. hmmmmmmmm. i quietly laughed, looked at the order form and saw the color, green or pink. guess what color kylee wanted? "blue" of course! i read on, seeing that the recorder did not NEED to be purchased, that they would also be available at school for them to use. the thoughts running through my head (get ready it's a run-on).... "we do not need to buy this because she will never play it again, yet we have two more right behind her, but "blue?" the other two are NOT going to want blue, they will want pink....but i remember how excited i was getting my own, maybe we should....hmmmm." okay fine, we agreed to get her one and the blue one at that. we also informed her that it would not always be hers....she would have to pass it down to Alaina and Mya when it was there turn.

"but mom, they can get there own. i am still going to be playing it!"

do you hear me still laughing? this went on and on, until i stopped arguing and let die. so, the other day out of the blue kylee proceeds to tell me that when the other two are done using the recorder, she wants it back. i then proceed to laugh out loud and say, but stop myself, thinking this is too good to be true....the perfect high school graduation present. guess what she is going to get at her graduation got it, a used (but not too used i can assure you), BLUE recorder....with a big bow ;-) i love it....can't wait to give it back to her!! hopefully i will remember....the likelihood of that happening is slim to none...darn it!!

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Kim Ashley said...

so funny! i can mirror this scenario in myself and in emma. oh yes, we have the blue one somewhere cause the cream colored one we got for a quarter at a garage sale (still in the package with sheet music) would not suffice. we are suckers!!! love the graduation idea, you're a hoot!

i've been thinking about you preparing for such a lovely trip. i pray that the flight goes smoothly, that your girls bellies are full and their mouths quiet, that you have blissful rest in luxury, connect with your family and God, and bring me home a Hawaiian pineapple. ok, not the last one ;-)