Monday, December 29, 2008

all done

i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas!  the girls did....they got so much stuff i have spent the last few days reorganizing and getting rid of STUFF!  lots of stuff.  the barbies were finally a hit!  i think i have given kylee a barbie every year hoping she would like them...this year it took. now we are on the same playing field.  i know how to play barbies...i am not so good at playing "dog" or "horse,"  mostly because my knees can't take it.  lainey on the other hand was showered with makeup and is loving every single piece....well her cheeks and lips are.  i have never seen so much glitter.  oh my!  
four of kylee's teeth are loose.  we tried bribing her the entire week before christmas to pull both of her front teeth out...but she wouldn't take the bait.  the tooth fairy was even willing to pay double if she pulled them before christmas....nope...didn't care.  now one of her front teeth is literally hanging there, it's so gross.  

lainey has been in a MOOD the last few days....whoah!  whiney, whiney, whiney.  i am not sure what is going on.  maybe she is just over exhausted from all the christmas activities.  we're finally going to slow down, so maybe she will too! 

it's quiet now, no i am going to go crawl in bed and read my book!


Angie said...

Is the front tooth out yet? You need to try the old "string on the doorknob trick" ... or pliers?? Love you - had fun yesterday.

Jennifer Handsaker said...

The Barbie thing is so funny! Layla is all over them right now! Glad to hear you had a great Christmas!

Julie said...

It was so good to see you at Christmas! Thank you for the wonderful dinner and all the gifts. Our pictures made it hime safely. Happy New Years! Love you,

Anonymous said...

I got this link off of Patsy's blog and wondered, so I checked and read your story about your sick babies, that is no fun. I have not tried it yet, but another nurse friend of mine said to put a little warm oil in their ear if they are hurting- she said its gotten her through the night until she could get to the peds office in the morning. and I never hesitate to give motrin or tylenol - if their not eating maybe do tylenol- motrin on an empty stomach may make them puke. Good luck!
Stacy Carey