Thursday, November 22, 2012


thanksgiving |ˌTHaNGks'giviNG|
1 the expression of gratitude, esp. to God.....AMEN!

today millions of people will gather around tables full of food...with family and friends and give thanks.  for that alone i am thankful for!  our busy lives take us away from sitting down and breaking bread together!  such a simple thing, yet so hard for people to do.....we take it for granted! this all kind of hit me last night as i enjoyed a pre-thanksgiving meal (of pizza and beer) with my dads side of family.  i thought it was pretty great!  i know everyone was pretty tired from pre-thanksgiving baking and just work in general, but i was grateful that we could all sit down and just hang out.  doesn't happen very often, so i savored every minute.  so that starts my thankful list!

all of my thanks does not just go out into the air, it goes to God above.  i give him all thanks and praise for all that i have and don't have!  he created me and knows me inside and out and loves me the same!  how he could do that just blows me away most days!  he has blessed me beyond words.  i have a husband who loves me, stands by me, encourages me, works for me and with me...who is my best friend.  we have three gorgeous little girls who bring me great joy, who make me laugh and cry, who bring me to me knees (more often than not), who teach me of God's love and mercy.  i have family and friends all around who i adore, a job, a house, a car.....a coffee pot!  so many things i take for granted on a daily basis and for that i am sorry!  God has blessed me abundantly and my relationship with him is one i don't take lightly, and i will live a lifetime here trying not to take it for granted.  because if i don't take him for granted how can i take any of these other things for granted....they are all from him!  everything i have, everything i am is from HIM!  He has me right where He wants me.  that is exactly where i want to be.  so very thankful on this day and everyday.  i hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed thanksgiving day....don't eat too much ;-)

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